K 8 – What the Hell Is this Thing Anyway?!

That purple blob had more screen time than Homra.


Shiro tells the others about the airship he saw.

Seri reports that Shiro and co. managed to escape.

Fushimi walks in and reports that one of his men was attacked by Kuro.

He also reports that the group left a note.

And so Blue wait for 14:00 (2:00 P.M.)

Munakata gets a call from Shiro. He wants to negotiate. He’ll turn himself over if they get the man on the airship to answer his questions.

Meanwhile, Seri and Fushimi arrange to search for Shiro by tracking his phone line.

Munakata agrees to Shiro’s conditions but adds that Neko and Kuro must surrender themselves as well. He also adds that the man on the blimp is none other than the Silver King Adolf Weissman.

Fushimi searches the vehicles in the freeway for Shiro but finds out that he’s been tricked.

Shiro and the others actually snuck inside a boat.

Failing to find Shiro, Blue moves on to attempting to ground Weissman. Munakata explains that he’s also interested in Weissman because ever since the Totsuka murder, the flight pattern of Weissman’s ship has been irregular.

Just outside, Shiro and the others spy on the Blue clan looking to infiltrate and confront Weissman themselves.

Shiro and Kuro hijack a helicopter and take off towards Weissman’s ship along with the others.

The group blows their cover when Neko plays around with the controls.

Speaking of “blow”, Weissman decides to blow his ship up.

The ship catches fire and plummets to the ground.


Pretty average episode. I don’t think this was supposed to be impressive in any way so it makes sense that I’m not so impressed. This was really more of a setup episode for what’s to come in the future. This ep was pretty much info dumping on the Silver King. Guess the most significant thing that happened was Weissman blowing up his own ship (with him still inside). Wonder what happens now? Anyway, what else can I discuss? Well, I observed that the Blue clan has been getting a lot of screentime. That’s a good thing. I also noticed that they’re depicted in quite a neutral angle. They’re not really made to look like the bad guys. They’re not really the ones talking behind shadows, laughing maniacally and such. Think about it, aside from Fushimi acting like a Yandere (a trait which hasn’t resurfaced since), none of the Blue clan members have done typically evil stuff. In fact, they’re in pursuit of the most evil-looking guy in the show, that Shiro who killed Totsuka. Well, with all this focus on Blue, I do have to wonder what’s been going on in the Homra side. Don’t tell that they’re just sitting pretty while all this is going on! I hope that future episodes do address what Homra’s been doing while out of screentime. If not, then there’s a big gaping hole that I have to point out. Next episode, promises some Mikoto action though, which, although it brings back Homra into the picture, I fear that this may mean that Weissman is put on the side once again. If I recall correctly, this is only Weissman’s 2nd or 3rd appearance since the first episode. At this point, not much is known about him. What are his origins, his goals? Is he the antagonist? He sure acts like it. Waltzing around and blowing his own ship and all…So, bottom line, this was more of a setup/info dump episode with only a little plot progression in the form of Weissman and his airship getting blown up. Not really gonna rant on this since this is just an appetizer with the main course following. Now, next episode is one to tune in to. Unless the producers troll me and decide to do an episode completely unrelated to previous events in the story…

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