Today’s My Birthday But I’m Reviewing Medaka Box Abnormal 6 Anyway

Jimmies. Rustled. You get the joke.


The next room the group enters is an indoor zoo?!

Medaka gets all excited while Kikaijima hates animals.

The two get into a fight while Maguro points out that none of the animals fear Medaka like they usually do.

Akune explores by himself and runs into Naze, who is the new brains of the Flask Plan.

In the middle of their chat, another member pops up from behind to strangle Akune.

Random flashback on how Akune was a delinquent in middle school who worked for Kumagawa, the student council president back then.

He was tasked to beat up Medaka, but no matter how many times he attacked her, she keeps coming back to school as if nothing happened.

Eventually, Akune’s enemies, one of them being Zenkichi, saw this as a sign of weakness and banded together to defeat Akune.

Only Medaka intervened as she doesn’t like violence. This moment caused a change of heart in Akune.

Back to the present, Akune breaks out of Koga’s hold.

Naze locks up the room so Akune couldn’t escape.

The two make formal introductions. The scientist Naze and her guinea pig Koga.

Meanwhile, Zenkichi and the others are locked out.

Koga attacks upside down to confuse Akune.

Akune counters by going upside down himself and locking Koga.

Koga uses her Abnormal strength to get back on her feet.

She destroys the ground leaving everyone to fall into the next floor.

Naze explains that Koga used to be Normal.

She changed when she moved to an all girls school and was drawn by Naze’s Abnormality.

Koga recovers from falling a couple floors lower than the others.

Akune manages to lock Koga in a knee bar.

Unfortunately, snaping her knee joint had little effect since she can fully recover in ten seconds.

Just then, Maguro shows up in a way only Maguro can.

Because wherever there are girls with panties, Maguro will be there!


Well this was better than previous episodes at least. Still very generic though. At least this a little funny and the fight scenes weren’t as painful to watch as the one last episode. It had less talking while fighting but it was still very uncoordinated. Also, the presence of a flashback was more justified this time around than the last. This episode put a lot of emphasis on how Akune changed because of Medaka. It was pretty easy take Akune seriously despite having Hetalia Italy’s voice actor. I’ve said so many times that it is hard to take any character seriously with this guy as a voice actor. Case in point: Shiro from K. Anyway, bottom line is that this was a good episode given Medaka Box’s standards. Take that as you will. Well, I’m gonna keep this short since #1, there really isn’t much to talk about anyway, and #2, I’m off to celebrate my birthday with the family. See ya!

You know what would be an awesome birthday gift? Liking this page for me.

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