K 7 – Munakata Is Fabulous

Then again, every other man in this anime is fabulous.


The arena lights go on as Shiro and Kuro were having a moment.

Then Blue arrives and surrounds the trio.

Neko warps the surroundings to confuse their pursuers.

Seri quickly discovers that this is all an illusion and orders her men to stay in their positions.

Kuro fights Seri without drawing his blade.

Before their fight could finish, Neko’s illusion starts to pixelate and a Sword of Damocles appears.

Munakata appears and takes over.

He uses his power to undo Neko’s illusion and turn Neko human.

Kuro opens an escape route for Shiro and Neko.

He tries to fight Munakata without his blade but is outclassed with a manly slap.

Munakata manages to pin Kuro.

Meanwhile, Shiro suddenly stops while running away.

Munakata tells Kuro that Shiro is using him and that he might have even foresaw and planned everything that is happening.

Just then, Shiro appears and summons a giant figure of pure light.

Kuro takes advantage of a distracted Munakata and lays him out.

The group stops to rest at an alley. Shiro thanks Neko for covering for them. Kuro then explains that Neko’s power isn’t limited to illusion. She can alter people’s memories too.

Learning that, Shiro asks Neko to undo the memory alteration so Kuro can decide whether Shiro is worth killing or not.

Neko plays a flashback to how she, Shiro and Kukuri first met. Apparently, Shiro fell from the sky and caused the giant hole in the gym.

Director Neko says that’s all she has to show but Shiro asks if she can play anything from before they first met.

She plays a scene where Shiro is pushed off of a blimp.


Another good episode. I think at this point, K has found how it should work and it’s about time too. We’ve reached the halfway point of the story and I don’t think the show has any more time for goofing off. So, what did K bring this time? Well, there were some short but sweet fight scenes with Kuro and then there was Neko showing off her trippy power of illusion. So in other words, this was quite a visual feast. There seemed to be some new music in this episode too. As for plot content? This episode doesn’t disappoint in that department either. We, the viewer, sort of learn the intentions of Blue and why they want Shiro. Apparently he has the power to tip the scales to their side. Nothing very specific but is sure as hell beats “because he’s the main character and we’re the supposed bad guys”. Also, this episode reveals just how powerful Neko really is. She can alter memories but was she responsible for everyone forgetting about Shiro? Nothing was really “said” about it. What I want to ask is why she has this power in the first place. It seems as if she met Shiro purely out of chance. She just happened to be there when Shiro fell from the sky. Man, this show is toying with some really confusing concepts. Burden’s on them to clear everything up by the final episode.

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