Sword Art Online 19 – Male Gaze

Kirito, where are you looking?


So Kirito and Leafa enter the cave leading to the world tree when…

Leafa gets a message from Recon which she can’t figure out.

Yui detects incoming hostiles and Leafa brings Kirito behind an illusion barrier to hide.

Turns out to be a tracker which Leafa destroys. They then make a run for the nearest city.

Whoever was chasing them casts a barricade just as the group was about to escape.

Kirito tells Leafa to stand back because he’s manly and sexist that way but the enemy’s tactical formation gets the better if Kirito.

It comes to a point where Kirito goes berserk.

Yui tells Leafa to cast a ward spell (Skyrim jargon) while Kirito withstands another wave of attack.

Kirito transforms into a giant beast and annihilates his foes.

One last remains who Leafa threatens with her cleavage sword.

Kirito, instead, has a better idea and bribes the guy for info.

He reveals that the Salamander race have gathered a massive army and are heading north while their group was tasked with hunting down Kirito and Leafa.

Inside the city, Leafa tries to contact Recon but he’s offline.

Suguha has to log out and contact Nagata through the phone without pants. He reveals that he stalked Sigurd and found out that he aligned himself with the Salamander race and they’re planning to disrupt the alliance ceremony between the Sylphs and the Cait Sith. Suguha goes back to playing ALO without pants.

Suguha logs in again and tells Kirito about the situation. Kirito tags along as Leafa rushes to the location of the ceremony.

She stops and tells Kirito that if ever the Sylph’s lose, it’s perfectly reasonable for him to abandon her. Kirito reassures her that their friendship surpasses the game mechanics.

Kirito grabs Leafa’s hand makes a mad dash toward the exit.


Remember when I went on the Facebook page and said that I’d do SAO 19 tomorrow? I lied. Anyway, this episode was great and it kinda makes me wanna apologize for the harsh things I said about whatshisface-Sigurd last week. Not only did this episode have a fair share of great action, it brought up some plot points that needed answering and things are now starting to piece together. I think the portrayal of the characters as simple players is better this time around. Kirito had time to goof off and buddy up with his captive and he does bring up the fact that ALO is just a game. Nice. On the other hand, we still have Sigurd who’s an overzealous prick. Enough about him already. Okay, maybe not. This isn’t another knock on him; I’m just curious: Why would you sell out on your own race? If what Leafa says is true, the repercussions of the Sylphs losing are brutal. Would he be affected by it? Even if he wasn’t, I’m sure every player would want to kill him on sight if he made his betrayal public, which is pretty much inevitable with the grand scale of their plans. Aside from the plot taking a significant step forward, or sideward, since this seems like a subplot, I do have to praise the action and the setting design this time around. That underground city is beautiful. That’s the stuff I wanna see in my RPGs, not cruddy Saxon era towns ala Skyrim. Oh by the way, Elder Scrolls Online! *Ahem* Back on topic, the fight scene in this episode was pretty good. Not the best in SAO’s gallery of many fight scenes but it did bring my interest in this show back up. Kirito, though, was pretty stupid in trying to fight 12 people himself. Telling Leafa to stay back just seems sexist on the writers’ part. That’s something I gotta point out: Women in this series are damn weak. Silica’s a generic loli, Lisbeth is your romantically frustrated teen, Asuna is currently a damsel in distress, Side characters are generally weak and cling on to Kirito for dear life and now Leafa is pushed back to the role of healer. Great job, writers. At the end of the day, SAO flaunts its strong points (fight scenes and animation quality) while slowly improving on its plot development. Characterization needs work. Still has a long way to go, though, and it’s only got a handful of episodes left.

Yeah, Facebook page. Good night.

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 19 – Male Gaze

  1. Cryst

    The reason why Sigurd betrayed his own race was mention in the novel:

    Because there was a rumor that in the future update, you can change your race with a large sum of money and at that time, Salamander was the strongest race in ALO thus has a higher chance to challenge the World Tree.


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