Medaka Box Abnormal 5 – When Did Oudou Have a Mech?

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Scooby and the gang enter the next room which is designed to look like a traditional Japanese garden!

The next Flask Plan member, Munakata Kei, seemingly lets the group through until he points his blade at Medaka.

Munakata’s ability is his weapon concealment. He also has the killing intent to land him in Japan’s most wanted list.

Munakata explains how every situation leads to him having to kill someone.

Just before Medaka could get ready to fight, Maguro shows up in a way only he can.

Maguro instead picks Zenkichi to fight Munakata.

Zenkichi remembers the first time he witnessed Medaka resort to violence.

Munakata draws his blade but Zenkichi knocks it into the ceiling. Munakata brings out a dozen more and Zenkichi knocks them all out of Munakata’s hands.

Akune begins to notice that while Munakata wields many weapons, he has no proficiency in any of them.

Munakata brings out a spiked rod and Zenkichi is forced to use his shirt to block it.

Maguro tells the others that unlike them, Zenkichi is completely Normal.

Munakata is pushed back to his final weapon, a rocket launcher.

Zenkichi also manges to kick the rocket out of Munakata’s hands. Zenkichi takes advantage of Munakata finally being unarmed and lays a kick to the side of his head.

Munakata seemingly defeated, Zenkichi walks backs to his friends when he gets stabbed by several blades. Munakata lied about being out of weapons.

Medaka starts crying at the sight of her defeated friend.

Maguro steps in to take responsibility. Munakata says it’s only natural since the whole Flask Plan was his idea.

Zenkichi miraculously gets up and calls for Munakata to continue the fight.

Zenkichi stomps the ground so hard, it starts shaking.

His stomp sends the weapons he knocked falling and hitting Munakata.

With Munakata defeated, the gang figure out what to do with him.

Munakata reveals that he has never killed anybody. He always had killing intent but he told everyone who knew him to back away in order to save them.

Munakata asks that Zenkichi be his friend. Zenkichi gets on his knees and offers his hand.

Back in the principal’s office, Shiranui steps out while her grandpa praises Zenkichi’s endurance.


You know what? I was looking forward to this episode. A man with a killing intent and a thousand weapons sounds badass doesn’t it? Well too bad! This episode felt disappointing. It had all the same flaws Medaka Box’s fight scenes had. Too much talking in between action sequences, a lot of still frames, general lack of people beating the sh*t out of each other. It’s so frustrating that Gainax is making this such a generic Shounen Jump anime when they could, you know, add some Gainax flair to it. Look at the opening, there was never a giant mech in Medaka Box but for the sake of Gainax being Gainax, they decided to go with it. I’m not asking that everyone get a giant mech, I just wished Gainax would just drop all the Shounen anime clich├ęs and do what they do best: Make exaggerated, epic action. I mean, Medaka Box even lacks the Gainax boob physics! If this was half the show Gurren Lagann was, Medaka would have her boobs bouncing at 60 frames per second. They look as stiff as toast! I dunno. I didn’t want to believe it, but at some point, I felt that Gainax was doing a really half-assed job with this one. Now I’m past that point of denial and I can say it: This show sucks balls. Hairy, wrinkly, STD-infested balls. Medaka Box the manga wasn’t such a literary masterpiece in the first place. What sold it was the action and the crazy characters, which the anime isn’t doing right. There’s still a bit of time for Medaka Box to be, you know, entertaining, but at this point, nothing is going to stop me from remembering Medaka Box as that terrible show that managed to make me hate Gainax. Do you know how hard that is? Making me hate Gainax? You’ll have an easier time beating Skyrim with your eyes closed!

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