K 6 – Clever Advertising Placement

Don’t forget the little Sbarro cameo in episode one!


Mikoto has a dream about a destroyed city and his power going out of control.

Meanwhile, Shiro, Kuro and Neko have lunch.

Kuro browses the photos of the restaurant’s regulars and notices that he’s not there.

Meanwhile, Homra gets a customer. Seri?!

Seri and Kusanagi talk about Mikoto. Kusanagi thinks Mikoto feels safer in the custody of the blue.

Seri notices a lot of antiques in the bar which prompts a flashback.

Eight years ago, back when Mikoto and Kusanagi were still students.’

The two visit Totsuka, an enthusiastic follower of Mikoto who got hospitalized due to a fight.

He asks Mikoto to scratch his foot and gets a fist to the skull for his troubles.

Back in the present, Kuro tries to call Kukuri but Neko violently objects with her hate for phones.

She turns into a cat and runs away.

Shiro takes the phone but Kukuri doesn’t recognize him.

He calls his apartment but the number he dialed wasn’t in service.

Another flashback from three years ago, Mikoto returns to Homra after getting into a fight.

Waiting for him are Kusanagi, Anna and Totsuka hiding under a blanket.

Shiro tells Kuro about his situation while riding a train headed for home.

Now a flashback three months ago. Yata, Totsuka and the others are goofing off in Homra much to Kusanagi’s annoyance.

Anna asks Totsuka to sing so he picks up a guitar and plays a song. There’s something for the OST.

Shiro and Kuro follow the address to Shiro’s home but end up in a football stadium. Who the hell let them in there?!

Aaaand another flashback to when Totsuka was murdered by the guy who looks like Shiro.

Shiro allows Kuro to kill him since he has become so confused with himself.

Kuro instead plays a quote from Master Ichigen about certainty.


An okay episode. No action compared to the previous episode but not as dragging as some of the others. *sigh* It’s back to Shiro again. At least he’s not acting like a total buffoon in this episode. I dunno. He was very serious in this episode but his squeaky voice just ruins the atmosphere of it all. Also in this episode was a crap ton of flashbacks related to the guy who got murdered. I guess this was supposed to make me care for Totsuka but it really didn’t work. He seems like a nice guy, but the first time I saw him was when he was dead and nothing much changes after that. It’s still pretty early to assume anything but Totsuka’s dead and he probably won’t be playing any other role in the story apart from being a dead guy. So with that in mind, the flashbacks became sort of pointless. Still, they were pretty interesting. They gave an idea of just how long Homra has been around and it also added some depth to Kusanagi and Mikoto’s characters. Who would have guessed that they were the first members of Homra? They look so young. Also, a little more light was shed on Mikoto’s situation. The way I see it, he has a power he doesn’t want and that’s why he surrendered himself. So far, it seems that only Kusanagi seems to know about this and that really plays up his importance in the story. This episode added some significant detail about the clan wars with that bit. There are still a lot of questions to be answered though. Just why is Blue also interested in Shiro? What about the other clans? Where are they? I hope these get answered in due time. This might sound bad but the highlight of this episode was the preview. Especially with this supposedly happening next week. You have me excited, K!

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