Sword Art Online 18 – Fanservice Shower

When the current storyline ain’t impressing anybody, it’s time for some boobies.


Suguha contemplates on why she plays video games.

Nagata, the player behind Recon, runs up to Suguha to ask about playing with the party. Suguha answers that she’ll be playing with Kirito for a while.

Suguha undresses in her room as she prepares to play Alfheim. Asuna had better taste in underwear.

So a Sylph and a Spriggan walk into a bar…

Kirito and Leafa go shopping so Kirito can buy a longcoat so fangirls would love him again.

In a tower where Kirito and Leafa would take off for the World Tree, Sigurd, one of Leafa’s party members, confronts her about abandoning the group.

Kirito gets in the way and tells Sigurd that Leafa isn’t some piece of equipment he carries around when he chooses.

Sigurd draws his blade to attack Kirito but one of his lackeys talks him out of it.

Leafa and Kirito get into a discussion about renegades, players who leave their race. Recon runs up to Leafa again and tells her that he’s joining her cause.

But he’s staying behind since he has his suspicions regarding Sigurd. He tells Kirito to watch over Leafa for the time being.

Meanwhile, Sugou is being Sugou as usual.

He tells Asuna about the time he met Kirito in the hospital and belittles him.

Leafa tells Kirito that they have to pass by a mountain cave before they could get to the World Tree.

Kirito and Leafa take turns having breaks. Leafa goes first and Suguha knocks on Kazuto’s door to ask him about dinner. Kazuto doesn’t respond and she decides to go take a fanservice shower instead.

Kirito takes his turn to have a break now.

Leafa and Yui get into a discussion about “love”.

Kirito wakes up in the middle of their discussion.

Kirito gets the feeling that someone is watching them. Leafa explains that someone might have a tracker sent after them.

True enough, a bunch of hooded guys were tracking the group.


Not as good as I thought it would be but by no means a bad episode. It wasn’t boring but it wasn’t too exciting either. How does that make sense? It lacked anything important happening but the story went about in a way that, at least, didn’t put me to sleep. This time around, the focus is less on the generically evil Sugou and more on Suguha and her adolescent ways. It’s nothing he haven’t seen before, really. Suguha thinking to herself, Suguha getting flustered, Suguha’s boobies…Nothing new here. The only thing about it is that it took about half the episode. Well, Sigurd made his debut today. As far as I can tell, he’s another poorly thought-out character. It’s like he forgot that he’s in an online game. He looked so serious when he was putting down Kirito for being a Spriggan. Ha! Someone actually believes that their fake race in their fake world is better than the other fake races. Basement dweller, much? The thing with the ALO arc is that it’s now really just a video game. The only thing deserving of urgency is saving Asuna. Aside from that, everything is fine, really. When people die in this game, they don’t die in real life (unless the writers pull a rabbit out of the magician’s hat and make it so). It’s not like Sword Art Online. There really is no point for characters to get so worked up about the game. It’s weird really. There are characters in this show that really resemble online game players. Characters like Leafa who are easy going about it and know that they’re just playing a game. Then we have Sigurd who is beyond roleplaying. He’s so serious about this whole race war thing that it’s hard to take him seriously. It’s probably not right to judge him right away when he’s only had like five minutes of screen time though. I’ll give it a chance to develop. There may be more to Sigurd than a basement dwelling nerd who takes his video games too seriously. Well, in the end, this episode was merely a setup for things to come. There’s whatever Recon was suspicious about and then the hooded characters shown at the end of the episode.

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