Medaka Box Abnormal 4 – Auto-Pilot Doesn’t Work That Way…

If it did, Battlefield 3 would be so much easier.


Shigusa gives Medaka a little motivation to fight him: A USB containing his research data involving the Flask Plan.

This time around, Medaka doesn’t hesitate to fight.

Shigusa delivers a swift knee to the face.

Medaka takes the hit just so she can swipe the USB from Shigusa’s pockets.

As soon as Medaka obtained it though, Shigusa swipes it right back.

Medaka pulls out Unzen’s balls (snicker) from God-knows-where and uses them to trap Shigusa.

Shigusa easily avoids them though.

Medaka comes up with the hypothesis that Shigusa is moving out of his reflexes. Shigusa confirms Medaka’s guess.

Medaka tries another technique I’ve seen a thousand times before.

Shigusa catches Medaka with the greatest of ease.

Medaka once again takes Shigusa’s attacks just to steal the USB. Only this time she keeps it between her breasts where no gentleman would ever dare to stick their hand in so boorishly.

Shigusa admits to having another drive with 128 terabytes of data. What a troll.

Medaka takes off her socks and shoes. Zenkichi realizes Medaka’s plan and tells the others to get to safety.

Medaka starts hopping in place.

In a literal blink of an eye, Medaka rips through Shigusa and her surroundings.

She explains that she simply moved out of rhythm with sound and the moment Shigusa blinked, she would strike. The lack of sound would give Shigusa’s reflexes nothing to act upon.
Shigusa gets up and begs for Medaka to continue the fight.

Medaka, being the opposite of Shigusa in that all her actions are thought out and not out of reflex, and Shigusa, whose reflexes have been worn, get into a brawl without one dodging the other’s attack.

Shigusa recalls why he joined the flask plan. He is looking for someone who can defeat him and his instant reflexes.

He remembers how he was the sole survivor of a car crash thanks to his abnormality.

Medaka finishes Shigusa with an axe kick.

Back in a shady room, the principal explains that Abnormals crave for relationship, which is why Medaka became student council president and Oudo acts like a king.

He also tells Shiranui that the next challenger that awaits them is the nations most wanted murderer.


Well, this episode definitely did what I expected it to. That’s a good thing. It had the action I expected it to have. Bursts of fast paced action interrupted by verbose dialogue. occasionally there would be slo-mo sequences and similar camera effects that would wow me if it weren’t for Medaka Box’s oversaturated style. By that, I mean the colors in this show are too bright for an action show. It seriously reminded me of Baka Test which did have action, but I don’t think it had this level of combat. This was your typical Jump fight really. Nothing really innovative going on, feels like early episode Naruto fights what with the clone attacks and the gimmicky techniques. If that’s your thing, you’ll fit right in to this. If it’s not, move along then. I noticed that the music was especially good in this episode too. That scene with Medaka and Shigusa slugging it out while Shigusa reminisces his childhood and his tragedy, that scene had a pretty good track playing while it played out. It emphasized the meaning of Shigusa’s memories. You know, I ended up liking Shigusa by the end of this episode. He’s probably just a minor character who probably won’t appear ever again, but the writers did a pretty good job for making me feel something for Shigusa while he was relevant. He wasn’t generic evil. He wasn’t even evil. He was just there, playing the role of obstacle #1.

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