K 5 – Douchebag

Actually, I find Fushimi’s taunts more hilarious than infuriating.


Kukuri asks Shiro and the gang to pick up some things from the city.

The Blues have located the possible murderer and prepare to investigate.

Fushimi gets dragged along in Seri’s team.

Yata manages to get a hold a students PDA and gets inside the campus.

Meanwhile, our heroes are enjoying their lack of screen time.

Blue has arrived.

Seri orders the school officials to let them investigate.

Fushimi excuses himself from the boring discussion.

Meanwhile, Yata and friend go around asking people about the murderer.

Fushimi and Yata unknowingly pass each other.

Fushimi takes a dirtier approach to his investigation and chloroforms a student.

He uses the student’s computer to access the school database.

Fushimi looks out the window and finds Yata harassing students for information.

Fushimi shows himself to the two and starts insulting Yata.

He manages to provoke Yata into a fight.

He reveals that he carries powers from both Homra and Blue.

Seri interrupts the fight.

She scolds Fushimi for causing a scene.

She lets the Homra boys go to avoid any more problems.

On the way back to HQ, Seri asks Fushimi if he found the student they’re looking for. He replies that the murderer isn’t in the school.

Meanwhile, Yata runs into Kukuri and asks her about the murderer. She answers that she doesn’t recognize the person.


Definitely better than the previous episodes. I’d even go as far as saying that this is probably the best episode since the first. I don’t want to admit it, but I think that this episode was great because of the lack of Shiro. He had like, what? Three minutes of unimportant screen time? This episode focused on the clan wars again which is the aspect to K’s story that I definitely enjoy more. I think Yata and Fushimi really stole the show here with Yata’s antics and their fight in the middle of the episode. What I liked about the fight scene is that it was so unorthodox. Only in anime can you find something like awesome skateboard combat. Even in anime, it’s hard to find things like this. Another thing about this episode is that it hints at several characters’ pasts. Seri mentions something about “a man who owns a bar”. Fushimi gets called a monkey by Yata. Yata, meanwhile, has no confidence in talking to women. Nothing really concrete about them. It’s all very subtle. These are all little details in the characters that make them more interesting. The show didn’t go into boring, info dumping monologues about these things which is great but I’m certain that the info dumping will happen sooner or later. I also wanna talk about Fushimi. My first impression of him was of a guy with his own agenda. While that may be true, I never figured him to be quite the Yandere. It’s awkward really. This side of him just suddenly popped out in this episode without any past indications to it. It’s one thing to drug a girl with chloroform. It’s a nother thing to stab a guy with a throwing knife and claim how you love seeing blood. Also, he’s a pretty bad troll. Nothing has been said about the relationship between Yata and Fushimi but calling someone by their first name doesn’t seem all too offensive to me. Yata’s just a hot head. Had it been anyone else, they’d probably just laugh at Fushimi’s poor attempt at trolling. I know I did. Compared to Sugou from Sword Art Online, Fushimi, at least, has a little back story going for him but he’s still far from being a well-developed bad guy.

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