Sword Art Online 17 – Questionable Cleavage Shot

Was expecting this soon enough.


Kirito defeats the thugs in red. He goes to check on Leafa and Yui shows herself to her.

Leafa thanks Kirito and properly introduces herself.

Leafa invites Kirito for a drink. Kirito sees that Leafa can fly without a controller.

Leafa teaches Kirito how to fly and he zooms up uncontrollably.

The two make it to the Sylph city Sylvain.

Kirito crash lands and Leafa heals him. She explains that different classes have different skills. Kirito, a Spriggan is supposed to be good at treasure hunting.

Recon reunites with Leafa but gets hostile upon seeing Kirito. Leafa tells Recon that Kirito is a friend.

The two share a toast for…saving Leafa I guess.

Leafa explains that at the top of the World Tree awaits Oberon, the fairy king. The race that manages to reach the top floor first will be granted unlimited flight ability.

Kirito gets serious and tells Leafa that he wants to scale the World Tree to find someone.

Leafa tells Kirito that she’ll help him.

Suguha logs out and throws a fit out of frustration.

Meanwhile, Kirito sleeps with his daughter.

Somewhere above the world of Alfheim Online, Asuna is visited by Sugou who plays the Fairy King Oberon and calls Asuna Titania (Oberon’s wife).

He contemplates on using force on Asuna (raperaperaperaperaperape) but is only joking.

He tells her that she, along with 300 other players are test subjects he nabbed during the mass logout in Sword Art Online. He plans to use those 300 players for his neurological experimentation.

He takes another whiff of Asuna’s hair and leaves to do more bad guy things.


A good episode. This was a more proper introduction to ALO. First of all, the flight scenes looked better this time around. I could actually feel the sense of movement in those scenes now. Also, this episode showed one of the major cities, Sylvain. It gives usĀ  glimpse of what Alfheim civilization will look like. No doubt, not all cities are going to look like that but it’s a start. Also, I think Leafa’s explanation on various topics such as races and the World Tree made ALO look a little less generic. It helps it wasn’t just a bunch of talking heads on the screen and that there were images shown to accompany the info dumping. It actually feels like episode 1 again. Everything is being introduced and explained and in the latter half, the antagonist makes his presence felt and the plot is laid out. Speaking of the antagonist, Sugou is still not believable. Why? He doesn’t seem to have a good motive. He’s just plain psycho, which is like the cheapest excuse for becoming a villain. Guy’s like Grimlock and Kuradeel had better reasons for being so villainous. Grimlock was alienated by his wife’s changing attitude and Kuradeel was screwed out of his job. These two were fueled by some form of vengeance. Sugou is fueled by the boner he gets for Asuna. It would have made for better writing if he trapped Asuna in a game to get one over his boss who is Asuna’s father but no, he just wants to put his meat in Asuna’s gate of paradise. Sure, he also trapped 300 players in the name of science but that’s just damn unreasonable. He could just go to some Bureau of Science like any normal scientist would do but he didn’t, thus Sugou = not normal = psycho. Seriously, Sugou is like something out of a bad SAO hentai doujinshi and we all know that hentai is not a place to look for great writing. Everything seems to be going fine for this arc except for Sugou. I can understand Suguha’s incestuous frustrations. I can get with Kirito wanting to save Asuna. I’m liking the world of Alfheim so far but Sugou is just a terribly thought out character.

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2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 17 – Questionable Cleavage Shot

  1. mochirochi

    I feel the same way about Sugou. How can I really hate him, when he’s not a very good villain or character? He’s just creepy and evil for no reason.


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