Medaka Box Abnormal 3 – The Ever-blushing Kikaijima

I suspect she has “something” hidden in her skirt.


Oudo waits at the top of the highest tower in school as the sun rises.

Medaka appears but not for a date. She’s looking to get some answers out of Oudo.

Oudou uses his weighted words to get Medaka and Zenkichi to kneel but they trained enough to resist Oudou’s power.

Oudo comes after Medaka and Zenkichi gets in the way again.

Zenkichi hits a flying kick on Oudo and sends off the edge of the tower.

Pfft. Gravity is Oudo’s b*tch.

Oudo explains that the Flask Plan is a project aiming to create a formula that can turn regular people into geniuses. Medaka opposes the idea of people become successful without working for it.

Oudo tells them to get to the lowest floor of the tower if they want to find out more.

Back in the student council office. The suggestion box is full of letters related to the sudden appearance of the Class 13 students.

So Medaka gets change-Oops. Wrong image.

So Medaka gets changed to fit the part.

Waiting for them at the entrance is a giant gate only openable if a randomly generated password is input.

Medaka manages to get it right on her first try. She gives Zenkichi a hint by mentioning his birthday.

Kikaijima and Akune despite Medaka keeping all that from them. Turns out, Shiranui overheard Medaka and Zenkichi’s plans and spilled the beans on Kikaijima and Akune.

Kikaijima uses Medaka’s hint to get through.

Left with no further clues. Akune resorts to smashing the gate wall with a candle stick.

And that’s how Akune and Zenkichi made it past the first gate.

The group come to a split path. One leading to an elevator, another to a flight of stairs going through every floor all the way to the bottom.

Meanwhile, Shiranui and her grandfather are watching from the principal’s office.

They come to a maze and Medaka asks Kikaijima to scream as loud as she can.

Medaka uses Kikaijima’s scream to find her way like a submarine using a sonar to navigate underwater.

And they meet the first member of the Thirteen Party whose body is ready. Shigusa who specializes in combat science.


A passable episode. Not as dragging as the previous one but still far from being as interesting as Medaka Box can get. This episode lacked action. Really, the only action I got from this episode was Zenkichi kicking Oudo’s face and Akune whacking a wall with a candle stick. The latter was probably the highlight of the show for me. What got my interest in this show was how uncanny the characters acted. Yes, this was still a dialogue heavy episode but it’s not so bad when you pay attention. I think the writers just suddenly remembered that their job is to write something “entertaining”. That was sort of done here…to an extent. Still nothing impressive so far in the second season. If anything, the characters have been consistent so far. Now about Kikaijima…Seriously. Why is she always blushing? I’m really suspecting that she’s a pervert with “something” tucked under her skirt. Yeah, she wears her swimsuit under that but hey, I wear my speedos under my clothes when I head go to the pool but’s it’s not like I’m carrying a standing sausage. It feels funny, but not that kind of funny. Heh. This isn’t really a complaint. Just a random question since I’m just about done discussing this episode. I kinda like seeing her perpetually embarrassed. It’s -ugh…Pervy thoughts.

I used to be an adventurer like you, and then I found this awesome Sunny Side Anime Blog Facebook page! Yeah. I started playing Skyrim again.

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