K 4- The Plot Thickens

That shirt has been in Shiro’s closet for a year now. How can he not see/smell that?!


Kuro makes lunch so he can follow Shiro to school while he tries to prove himself innocent.

Somehow, people managed to see Neko as well. I guess this means no more random naked catgirl antics.

Kukuri tags along for lunch and catches Kuro and Shiro (Back n’ White, Ebony and Ivory) watching the murder video on a PDA.

Shiro got the video from his friend Mishina.

Meanwhile, Blue managed to pinpoint Shiro’s location.

While Kuro, Shiro and Neko were changing for a play, Kukuri pops up. Shiro tries to get Kukuri to tell Kuro that Shiro was in school grounds on the night of the murder.

Meanwhile, Homra managed to pinpoint Shiro’s location.

During the time of the murder, Mishina confessed to Kukuri accompanied by fireworks while standing on a balcony high above the school. Supposedly, Shiro was there to witness it but Kukuri doesn’t remember.

The group asks he student council if they had any proof that Shiro was involved in the incident but they just redirect them to the school press.

They check a journalist’s old photos but none of them had Shiro in it.

Kukuri pops up again and asks the group to deliver a box to the faculty room.

There, Shiro asks his teacher for a log of the students that left the campus on the night of the murder. The absence of Shiro’s name in the list proves that Shiro couldn’t have been the murderer in the video…for now.

Shiro and the gang go to buy a drink when Kukuri pops up again to remind Shiro to keep his student PDA with him. She tells Kuro that he’s been sneaking out ever since losing his PDA.

Kuro prepares to kill Shiro (and Neko) when Shiro moves to protect Neko. This act reminded Kuro of his master and he puts his sword down.

Just then, Kukuri brings the group to the school gym where Shiro discovered a giant hole.

Kukuri remembers that Shiro found the hole during the night of the murder. She shows Kuro a picture she took that proves Shiro innocent.

Shiro rushes home to change into his uniform when he finds a blood stained shirt.

Meanwhile, Yata arrives at the school.


Pretty okay episode. I’d say this was on the same level as the previous episode only without the lowered animation quality. Still, K has yet to beat its first episode. I know most anime have great first episodes and then have following episodes with diminishing quality but the difference between K’s first episode and the episodes that came after is too much to be considered normal. K had a great first episode, I think it brought out what most viewers were expecting of the show, but then the 2nd episode was about a random naked catgirl. Yes, it’s only been four episodes but it bothers me so much how K has taken a step down since episode 1. This episode wasn’t so bad, mind you. I thought how the episode played out was fun and the fact that it wasn’t linear story telling made it a little more interesting. I’ve come to accept that K is going to be stuck with this goofy main character and the pretty boys and the mafia wars is only “focus #2”. With that in mind, I sat back and enjoyed the show. I am asking for more than “The School Adventures of Shiro and Friends” though. I wish Homra and the warring clans would get more focus but I figure that would come toward the end when the plot reaches its highpoint. Right now, K is enjoying a slow ride to that highpoint, as it gets closer, the road gets steeper. It’s gonna be lessĀ  of a joy ride and more of an uphill drive. Enjoy the journey while its easy. The main point of this post is: I dunno. I kinda lost myself halfway through….Okay, so about this episode: As a part of a bigger picture, it was pretty much a waste of time. By itself, it’s a pretty enjoyable episode. A couple flaws was the how it felt like Kukuri randomly popped up way to many times and her dialogue felt disjointed with the rest. Also, there was the case of the bloodied shirt in Shiro’s closet. It’s kinda stupid really, when you realize that that shirt had been there for over a year long without Shiro noticing. Then again, our protagonist is an airhead and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was the type who just leaves things around in his room.

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One thought on “K 4- The Plot Thickens

  1. Quizoxy

    I personally think that the first episode was overwhelming and appear confusing at start but the second episode was like *what* which really turn me off a little. Will probably wait till episode 5 or 6 and try to watch it back-to-back to get a better rhythm.


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