Medaka Box Abnormal 2 – Booby Slippers

That’s a terrible idea for merchandise.


Oudou gets Zenkichi to kneel before him just by the power of his words.

Yukuhashi appears behind Zenkichi to explain that Oudou is a natural-born king.

Medaka then appears telling Zenkichi that she was looking for him.

Oudou even makes Medaka bow.

Oudou picks Medaka up and tells her that he’s been drawn to her since he first saw her in the principal’s room.

Zenkichi breaks free and tries to attack Oudou but Yukuhashi stops him.

Yukuhashi tells Oudou that it would be a bad idea for the king to execute his people. The two eventually leave not before Oudou leaving his letter to Medaka.

Medaka reads the letter which tells her to meet Oudou at 5 AM the next day. She tells Zenkichi about the Flask Plan and seeing her brother to train for it to which Zenkichi reacts with shock.

So they visit Maguro, Medaka’s older brother who has a terrible sister complex.

Medaka tries not to let her brother’s eccentricity get to her but lets loose when Maguro tries to hug her.

From that one hug, Maguro manages to tell how much Medaka has change since he last saw her while sitting comfortable on a pile of Medaka plushi-What the hell is that thing on the bottom right?!

Zenkichi does some info dumping about Maguro’s special analytical skills.

Medaka asks about the Flask Plan. Maguro only shows her what his body went through while he was still in the Flask Plan. Maguro refuses to say anything else about the Flask Plan.

On the topic of training Medaka, he tells her that he will have his way with her while Medaka responds that she will reform his perverted ways.

Maguro also tells Zenkichi that he will train him as well and compliments how much stronger Zenkichi has become to which Zenkichi acts Tsundere.

So Maguro brings him to two courts. One of them is hard enough to make Chuck Norris cry like a teenage girl after a break up. The other door promises to make them stronger by the time they wake up the next day. Medaka and Zenkichi go for the more challenging one.


Pretty boring episode actually. The first part was tolerable but the second half with Maguro was absolutely dragging. Occasionally, there would be things that reel in my attention a bit like just how perfectly portrayed Oudou is. He’s pretty much just how I imagined his manga counterpart to sound like. There was also all the Medaka merchandise in Maguro’s room. That kinda got me looking around a bit. Still, the episode was overcome with really boring dialogue. It’s like someone is just reading a book to me. Hell, the most animated part of the episode was Maguro’s fingers wiggling around like tentacles while he describes what he plans to do with Medaka. Really really boring episode, especially compared to how the previous episode got into action almost immediatly.

Woop dee doop.

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