K 3 – I Lol’d

I’mma warn you right now, this episode had a lot of info dumped and I won’t be able to cover them all in this post.


Flash back (sort of) showing the scene where Homra and the Blues went head to head. Turns out Mikoto handed himself over without a fight.

Munakata explains that Mikoto can cause another major calamity if he goes overboard with the power of the King.

Mikoto suggestively tells Munakata that he’d be properly restrained if Munakata was there watching him 24/7. Munakata just laughs it off and tells Mikoto that he’s a busy man.

Munakata goes back to work solving jigsaw puzzles while discussing important matters with his lieutenant (Nice view by the way). He calls for the Code Royal Blue, whatever that is.

Meanwhile, Fushimi and the other Blues are handling information warfare by spreading online gossip that Homra’s bounty was a prank.

Meanwhile in Homra, Yata accidentally dents the bar by throwing one of his mates at it.

Kusanagi picks up the two trouble makers and asks what the ruckus is about. He tells the two that Mikoto gave himself to the Blues to keep Homra free.

And Shiro’s enjoying his meal with Kuro, who explains things like Clans, Kings and why he has to kill Shiro.

Back to Homra. Some guys find the weapons stash of a arms dealer that went missing.

Fushimi appears behind them and takes them all out in a literal flash.

Kuro talks about how the Kings have even more power than the prime minister. Speaking of the prime minister, he’s paid a visit by Munakata’s Lieutenant who hands him the order for Code Royal Blue.

And then Back to Homura. Yata flashes the sign of Homura before beating gangsters to a bloody pulp.

Fushimi watches on while showing his burned Homura tattoo.

Kuro finally gets up to kill Shiro, who he dubs the Colorless King who, under the command of his master Ichigen Miwa, Kuro must slay. But first, he must ask: Who is that? That’s Neko. Neko is Neko. Like her, hate her, she’s still Neko. Neko’s always going to be the best Neko she can be. At the end of the day, she’ll still be Neko.

Shiro convinces Kuro to wait and evaluate whether Shiro is truly deserving of death.

Kuro tells Shiro to press a button on his recorder. Apparently whatever the recorder spouted was reason enough for Kuro to put off killing Shiro.

When asked about the recorder, Kuro enthusiastically answers that its his recordings of all of his master Ichigen’s teachings.


This was definitely a step up from the previous episode. This actually had jokes which I laughed at and the other characters in K were given more screen time. So from what I’ve gathered, K is basically a mafia war between handsome young men given extraordinary powers that entitles them to be Kings. Well, this is certainly as anime as anime can get. It’s interesting though, and there’s obviously more to it than “Red versus Blue”. My concern is whether it can fit the thirteen episodes supposedly allotted for this show. The animation of this show has taken a step down unfortunately, there was much less to animate since this episode was all info dumping and there were some scenes that looked shoddy. Still, I wasn’t so surprised since the previous two episodes were great and consistent, which never go together when talking about visuals in an anime. It’s either a show has really great quality in some episodes and crap quality in others (like what K is probably gonna be) or it’s consistently okay (shows like Sankarea which had consistently passible albeit unimpressive visuals). Very few shows manage to keep their quality great from start to finish. Even high budget anime like Ghost in the Shell (which I started rewatching at the start of the year) had dull moments in its animation. K just had one of those moments, and I hope the fact that it came so early doesn’t put off fans. This episode was good, info heavy with barely any notable drama or action but it wasn’t so dragging. What keeps it going is how it switches scenes every few minutes. Normally, a bad thing. It makes the story very disjointed, but a positive effect is that it doesn’t stay in one scene for too long. It’s like constantly switching between apple juice and chocolate milk. You get a weird taste in your mouth afterwards, but you don’t get easily tired of drinking either apple juice or chocolate milk. Me and my weird analogies…

Also, there was a lot of implied gayness.

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