First Impressions for Zetsuen no Tempest, Magi, Robotics; Notes, Psycho Pass and Little Busters

A look at the Fall 2012 season’s anime that I’ll be watching.

Zetsuen no Tempest

First impression of Zetsuen no Tempest? It’s dark atmosphere is complimented with great orchestral music (though the opening theme is pretty much nonsensical English). The plot looks to be deep and promising. I really didn’t pay muc attention to this show pre-season. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyred it. I’m expecting great things from this show.


First Impressions on Magi: Damn…you…Aladdin. WHY DAFUQ MUST YOU HAVE KAORI ISHIHARA AS YOUR VOICE ACTOR?! Her voice is too damn cute even if she’s playing a little boy…The anime is also set in a time and place not so often used in anime, which makes it unique. The comedy in this show is also pure gold.

Robotics; Notes

Robotics; Notes has a pretty irritating pair of main characters. The male protagonist is a deadbeat while the female protagonist is a typical Genki girl. Despite their personality contrasts, their interactions aren’t so dynamic. The music, though, is great and is a good compliment to those inspirational scenes, which I think this show will have a lot of since it seems to be about the main characters chasing their goals.

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is gritty, violent but also very technical. It reminded me of Ghost in the Shell which I absolutely love. If you liked that anime, you’re gonna love Psycho Pass. What might turn you off though is the naive main character.

Little Busters

Little Busters has that kind of humor characteristic of Key anime like Clannad and Angel Beats. No drama yet, but with the soundratck played though out the show, I can tell it’s got some good tear jerking moments in store for the viewer. For now, be content with this cat.

So there you have it. My picks for the anime I’ll be watching and talking about on the Facebook page. Actually, I started posting these mini reviews on the page about a week ago. If you wanna get an idot’s take on these anime plus some bonus material from time to time then go ahead and like the Facebook page! Yup. This entire post was nothing but a shameless plug for the blog Facebook page! Wahahahahahaha! *sigh* I’m bored. All the new anime come out on the weekend…

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