Sword Art Online 15 – Umm…Aren’t All Cards Wireless?

SAO fails at little details like these.


Kirito (or Kazuto since it’s the real world) wakes up from a nightmare where his world falls apart.

He goes to watch his sister Suguha practice kendo and then they chat afterwards.

Their conversation leads them to  a kendo duel where Kirito cheats by not taking a kendo stance.

Still, Suguha beats Kirito with a head strike.

Kazuto tells Suguha that he plans to visit Asuna in the hospital. Suguha shows discomfort upon hearing that but hides it from her brother.

Kirito visits Asuna who is still in a coma while he infodumps things.

Asuna’s father and his associate Sugou arrive and greet Kirito.

Sugou and Asuna’s father discuss something involving Asuna. Once Asuna’s father leaves, Sugou taunts Kazuto with the fact that he will marry Asuna in one week.

Later, Suguha finds Kazuto being emo in his room.

Suguha comforts Kazuto until he falls asleep.

Flashback to when Suguha first learns that she and Kazuto aren’t siblings but cousins.

She ends up falling asleep beside her brother.

Kazuto wakes her up the next morning. Once she realizes she fell asleep in Kazuto’s room, Suguha’s face turns red and she runs off.

Then Kirito recieves an e-mail from Egil with a picture of what looks like Asuna in a cage attached to it.


I honestly don’t know how to call this episode. It had its good points and it had its bad points but it wasn’t the usual SAO good and bad. So what was good in this episode? It was different. This episode takes place in the real world but it was not at all less interesting than when the show took place in the world of SAO. What kept this show interesting was the introduction  of two new characters in Suguha and Sugou and the fact that 75% of the episode was infodumping on real world things that should have been explained before. This is what I was hoping Sword Art Online wouldn’t do: Dump everything in one episode. Again, pacing problems. In this episode, we learned that 300 other players including Asuna have yet to wake up, we learned that Argus, the company that made SAO, went bankrupt. Kayaba Akihiko went missing shortly after everyone found out that the game was a trap, and Asuna had a fiance all along. I guess it explains why she rejected every other boy in the game except Kirito (who must have been über manly for Asuna to disregard her real life marriage). One thing that made me gripe was that Sugou was portrayed as being so unrealistically evil. Here’s the thing, despite multiple logic failures (LOL make a game that traps its players? Ain’t no way I’mma get a lawsuit for that sh**!), the characters have been somewhat realistic. SAO isn’t the type of show that has exaggerated characters like Medaka Box or Binbougami Ga. It’s been pretty down to earth. Even Kayaba, who was the asshole responsible for the death of thousands of people, seemed collected in real life. He didn’t do some maniacal evil overlord laugh, no, he was still pretty human. Sugou on the other hand is such a creep, its hard to believe that he bagged such a high position in his company, surely someone, like Asuna, would have reported his perverted ways to the higher-ups. He’s just too two-faced to be understood realistically. Also, there was the matter of Asuna looking pretty much unchanged after being in a coma for two years while Kirito came out looking like a prune. Realistically, I don’t think there’s such technology that can save Asuna like that except for maybe some form of cryogenic preservation. Asuna looked like she was receiving standard treatment so why wasn’t she a butt-ugly hag like she was supposed to be?

A wild Facebook page appeared!

3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 15 – Umm…Aren’t All Cards Wireless?

  1. James Chan

    I remembered Sugou mentioned that Asuna didn’t like him hence he is at advantage if Asuna is still in coma. So the fact that Asuna had a marriage arrangement in real life should not be the reason why she rejected other guys in the SAO… Just my 2cents bro, and I don’t like Sugou, he is worst then Heathcilff.

      1. elior1

        @giuvigiuvio if you think whhat shogou did to asuna in this episode was ugly just wait until the next episodes he will do much worse things to her more ugly then what he did in this episode with tuching her hair he will be the worse creepy villain you ever seen

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