Medaka Box Abnormal 1 – 48687957

Translation: Everyone talks too much.


Medaka talks with principal Shiranui about replacing Unzen in a project called the Flask Plan.

Meanwhile, Unzen explains the concept of Normals, Abnormals and Specials to his subordinates.

To give an example of his being an Abnormal, he rolls a set of dice and they all land on six.

Meanwhile, the principal has Medaka do the same and all the dice stack up somehow.

Shiranui pops out of nowhere and stares longingly at Unzen’s food.

Medaka eventually refuses to join the Flask Plan and leaves the principal’s office. Turns out, some members of the flask plan were there all along.

Unzen has Shiranui and Zenkichi deliver a message to Medaka that his sister will attack her for her place in the Flask Plan.

Too late. Unzen’s sister already attacked her.

The fight causes a commotion and those who hear about it include Nabeshima and Chin-hair from the swimming club.

Medaka gets up and manages to decipher Unzen’s sister’s “number language”.

The two get back to fighting but Medaka refuses to attack because she sees no reason to.

Nabeshima butts in to save Medaka.


She challenges Unzen’s sister and manages to catch her off guard with a straight punch to the face.


Unzen’s sister drops her balls *snickers* allowing her to move incredibly fast and attack Nabeshima from behind.

Nabeshima seems to be defeated but…

She was playing possum and manages to counter Unzen’s sister with a back suplex.

After the fight, Nabeshima gives Medaka advice about fighting back before letting her friends get hurt.

As Medaka makes her way somewhere, she’s challenged by another group of Flask Plan candidates. She quickly disposes of them, though, while tying her hair.

Meanwhile, Zenkichi and Shiranui run into one of the members of the Flask Plan, Oudou.


Weird. Didn’t feel like the first episode to a new season. The show went right ahead with the story leaving no time for recaps or reintroductions. I guess that would be good for people who saw the first season not too long ago and can still remember all the characters and their mothers. The only way anyone can guess that this is a new season is by the new opening theme, which sounds much better than the first one by the way. Other than that, everything seems to be the same, visual style, music, voice actors. I don’t know what I was expecting really. Anyway, this is a pretty “useful” episode in that it introduced the new plot right off the bat with the Flask Plan members revealing themselves already. All the while, the show was kept moderately entertaining with the fight between Nabeshima and Unzen’s sister. What kinda irked me about this show was that it constantly went back to the scene of Medaka and principal Shiranui talking. It was the start of the show. It was at the earlier half and it was at the end of the show as well. Budget cutting technique, much? And another problem is the typical Shounen Jump characteristic of talking too much during a fight. The fight between Nabeshima and Unzen’s sister was very disjointed because for every one minute of fighting, there was a minute of talking that followed. So if the fight went on for about five minutes, you really only get three minutes of fighting. Well, I can’t blame Unzen’s cute sister since she talks in numbers. There can’t possibly be a way to sound concise while taking in numbers. Still, the show didn’t have to cut off to Medaka and Chin-hair talking about Nabeshima so much. Well it’s the first episode of a new season (though it doesn’t feel like it). There’s still a lot of room for improvement. That’s it for this post. Ciao.

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