K 2 – Best Enjoyed If You’re Bisexual

I’m seriously wondering who this show’s fanservice is aimed towards.


Shiro accepts death, but first requests that he be allowed to write a letter to his dying sister which Kuro would deliver. Kuro, being the honorable samurai that he is, grants Shiro’s last request…

Only it turns out that Shiro tricked him and he pulls a flashbang for his escape.

Kuro pursues Shiro out the building, or so he thinks. Shiro hid in a dog costume conveniently placed on the roof of that building he was at.

Meanwhile, Homura puts up a 10,000,000 yen bounty on Shiro’s head.

And Anna the goth loli locates Shiro with her magical marbles.

Sk8erboi attacks Kuro but ultimately loses him as Kuro escapes to continue his search for Shiro.

Shiro gets home and finds his cat turned into a naked, obvious fanservice girl.

Kuro goes to Shiro’s school, he asks around and ends up being guided to the boys’ dorm by Shiro’s classmate Kukuri.

Shiro sees Kukuri and Kuro outside the dorm and panics.

Kuro pursues Shiro. Kukuri notices that Kuro left his luggage and takes the stairs going to Shiro’s room to deliver it to him.

Kuro tries to attack but loses to Neko’s nakedness.

Shiro and Neko make a run for it. Neko distorts her surroundings to stop Kuro from catching up to them.

Apparently part of her illusion powers involve summoning giant troll face cats.

Kuro finally catches up to Shiro and runs into a wall.

They continue their cat-and-mouse chase until all of them finally get too tired to keep running.

Shiro calls for a truce and invites Kuro for dinner. Kuro opens his suit case and gets to work in the kitchen.


Well, this episode was…dissapointing and embarrassing. The show started where the first episode left off with Shiro facing Kuro at sword point. Unfortunately, what didn’t carry over was the suspense of that scene. The moment Shiro asked to make a letter to trick Kuro, I felt the entire episode crashing down already. Hear me out. Two things ruined this episode for me: The jokes and the fanservice. Let’s start with the jokes. They were everywhere in this episode, from Shiro’s gag letter to Kuro, to the dog costume, to Shiro, Neko and Kuro running around the school, it was all just really lame and predictable. I think the reason why I’m not buying the comedy here is because it doesn’t fit the style of the show. K comes of very cool and very urban with its big city setting and hip-hop dominant soundtrack. Then here’s Shiro, your typical Japanese shounen comedy character and his naked catgirl pet. They’re just really out-of-place. Speaking of Neko, I still don’t understand why she’s…so…obvious. I mean her role in this anime is clear: Tits n’ Ass. I really can’t see her being involved in any serious plot and all. She’s obviously there to attract male viewers but I think this will sacrifice the total enjoyment of the show from their other viewers (i.e. people who disapprove of a naked fanservice catgirl among their hot bishounen dudes). I think that should attract male viewers is the action. K has potential to put out great action and really, that should be enough to reel in male viewers, or if not, at least a less blatant fanservice character. The action I wanted to see from this show was present for this episode, albeit for a little while. Sk8erboi versus Kuro ended way too quickly. Okay, I think I know what I want from this show: More Homura, less Italy Shiro and his magical naked catgirl. *Sigh* In the end, this episode was a nearly pointless filler. What little came from this pointless episode was the introduction of a pointless character. If you want something with more substance, go watch Psycho Pass or Zetsuen no Tempest instead. But, hey, maybe K will pick up again. It’s only the second episode after all. It still has a long way to go and it’s not impossible for it to redeem itself for committing the grave sin of fanservice.

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