First Impressions: K 1 – Hot Dudes. Hot Dudes Everywhere.

And a random naked cat-girl.


The story starts out with a group of men (who might just be those “little brats from Homura”) attacking another group of men who speak terrible English.

One of the brats from Homura interrogate one of the men they attacked. I’d give his English a C+. Still needs to work on his pronunciation.

A red-haired man named Makoto and his goth loli master arrive. The little girl examines the man with a marble and tells the others that he doesn’t know anything.

A unit of men in blue uniform led by a man named Munakata attempt to stop the brats from Homura.

The brats from Homura stand their ground and a fight ensues. And that is the end of the prologue!

Some time, somewhere else, our supposed protagonist Shiro (who sounds like Italy from Hetalia) is going around mooching for food.

One of his classmates chases him around school to give him vegetables while some random naked cat-girl prances around.

Shiro returns to his classroom only to be assigned to go to the city and buy materials for the upcoming school festival.

While out and about, one of the brats from Homura spots him and calls the other brats from Homura to go after him.

Meanwhile, a young man clad in black is watching from afar.

Shiro almost gets attacked by the skateboarder and is pursued by the other brats from Homura.

He gets cornered but the man in black saves him and takes him away.

The man in black gives his name, Kuro (Gee, a man in BLACK named KURO) and points his sword at Shiro. Suddenly, screens all over the city stop working and then show a video of a man interacting with the camera man.

The white-haired man, who looks like Shiro, shoots the camera man.


Well well well…Here’s one of the most highly-anticipated anime of the season! Apparently so important, it merited the right to have a title consisting of only one letter, K. What do I think about the first episode? Flashy and confusing, but overall a good episode. Obviously, the aim for this episode was to draw in its audience with its high quality production values. The show had impressive animation and the music won’t be outdone too. The soundtrack of this show is very hip-hop influenced and for some reason that always gets to me in a good way. It also complimented the visuals well since the show spent a good chunk of its time with exposition of its big city and the skateboarding guy. As for the story itself…Well, it pretty much went on its own pace and didn’t spare any time to clue the viewers in on what was happening. Who are these punks beating up guys in suits? What’s with the goth loli? Why are there troops with riot shields? Wait. Why is it showing a school now? Italy, is that you? Naked cat-girl? WHAT? Really, the only way I got to know these characters’ names is when someone mentions them. There are still a lot of unnamed characters here. I guess, though, it’s this curiosity-inducing presentation that will draw in viewers for the next episode (aside from the naked cat-girl). Viewers would go “What? Huh? Who’s this guy? Is this a Yaoi?” They’ll only get their questions answered if they stick around for the next episode. One last thing that bothers me, and this is probably going to bother me for the rest of the series, is how goofy the show’s main character is. He is pretty much Hetalia’s Italy given a new look and a new show to derp around in. Seriously, with all these cool characters in this show, THIS goofball is going to be our main character? Also, what’s with the naked cat-girl? I thought this show aimed towards a female demographic with all the hot dudes and all. Having an obviously sexualized fanservice girl is not the way to appeal to that demographic.

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One thought on “First Impressions: K 1 – Hot Dudes. Hot Dudes Everywhere.

  1. Ailia Kate Kira

    I thought that protagonist was an Italy-Iceland crossbreed (’cause of the hair). So many guys in one series that I doubt there’ll be no yaoi. It’s an original production, so I have a feeling it may throw in some fan service here and there though I hope not too much. And I agree with you on the music— actually, it was the first thing that caught my attention in the series (aside from the too blue hue).


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