Fly! Figma Black Rock Shooter 2035 by Max Factory

So are there 2034 other Black Rock Shooters?

So this gonna be a short review with only 12 photos if you don’t mind. Anyway let’s start with a good look at her face! The details on Figmas tend to be a little inferior compared to scale figures but I can’t complain about BRS 2035’s hair and eyes. They’re pretty good for a figma.

Aside from the standard set of Figma accessories (hands and a stand), she comes with two weapons, first is this really sleek sword.

And of course, Black Rock Shooter’s Rock Cannon.

What makes 2035 unique from the normal Black Rock Shooter are the Gundam-like wings on her back and her shorter jacket.

Her cannon is made of a different material that gives a rougher feel as well as a rougher look. Good job on the manufacturer’s part.

The manufacturers threw in an extra stand and a support clamp for the cannon. It’s pretty much impossible to pose BRS 2035’s cannon without it.

Aside from the weapons and the extra stand, BRS 2035 comes with unique hands to hold those weapons, a more enraged face and Black Rock Shooter’s signature flame.

My one major complaint about Figma BRS 2035 is that her wings can get in the way of posing her. Also, her jacket hood limits how her arms can be moved. Aside from those flaws, BRS 2035’s flexibility is practically perfect.

It’s pretty frustrating trying to get the right pose with her cannon. I’m also always scared that I might break her clamp. This wouldn’t be the first time I snapped a Figma accessory. For me at least, less is more and I like to remove all BRS 2035’s clutter sometimes and go minimal with the posing.

In the end BRS 2035 is a decent Figma but still far from perfect. I don’t think any Figma could ever be perfect actually. She’s well detailed for a Figma and she comes with a decent array of accessories. It gets kind of frustrating to pose her though with her heavy cannon and giant wings she is flexible without those. Alrighty, let’s cap off this review with some BRS/Madoka crossover!

Madoka, Y U NO MOVE?!

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