Sword Art Online 13 – I Have No Words…

To describe how beautiful the above image is.


Kirito meets a fisherman named Nishida.

While Nishida is a skilled fisherman, he’s a terrible cook. He regrets that he can’t make anything out of the fishes he catches. Kirito tells him that Asuna can cook for him and he…does that face.

So Kirito brings Nishida to his humble abode.

Nishida tells the couple about a legendary fish in the village lake. Somehow, Kirito ends up being the one to reel the fish out of the water.

Nothing important going on here. Just Asuna’s sexy back.

The whole fishing thing turns into a fairly large event.

Finally, Kirito gets to pull on an old man’s rod (terrible penis joke).

Everyone starts running the moment the huge fish surfaces.

Asuna steps up and defeats the thing.

Kirito comes up to congratulate her when he receives a message from Heathcliff.

Kirito and Asuna bids farewell to Nishida. Then Asuna starts to ramble about how she met Kirito, how much he changed his outlook and life and how he’s become the meaning of his life blah blah blah…

Heathcliff tells them about a recon team of 20 that was wiped out by a floor boss. Now he’s assembling a massive army to take this boss down.

Kirito asks Asuna to stay behind for her safety. Asuna replies that she would kill herself if Kirito won’t return so they should go together.

Then she asks if Kirito ever wondered how their real bodies are doing. She recalls how at some point, everyone started fainting.

Joining Heathcliff’s army are Klein and Bobby Agil.


And then a battle so epic, no amount of screencapping can justify its epicness.


Well this was a good episode, though it did have its boring parts (mainly Asuna’s monologue halfway through the show). The first half with the fishing felt weird. It wasn’t “Sword Art Online-y”. It kinda felt like it was done by a different studio because SAO’s animation is very close to realistic movement (at least as close as a fantasy game could get). Then there’s that scene with Kirito running from the fish monster and leaving behind a dust trail like the Road Runner. Also, all those weird faces. Makes you wonder if the animator’s were high during the making of this first part. The second part went back to the more familiar part of the show. Undoubtably much better than the first part. Even Asuna’s monologue was better. That one contained a good amount of emotion while the first was just her rambling. While the first one felt like her voice actor was reading the script for the first time, the second one felt like there was good practice put on it. Also of note is that the concept of the real world is starting to play a part in the plot. I’ve been begging for this to happen for the longest time now and now that it has, I’m a happy little boy. The boss fight was classic SAO and probably one of the best boss fights since the second episode’s. It had the epic music which I love from this show and it actually had good action. What’s also great about that scene was that it made you feel just how strong the boss was. There was that one shot with Kirito looking horrified at the sight of the boss’ FIVE LIFEBARS. It kinda sucks that it ended in a cliffhanger since it was getting good. Man, would I be pissed off if an action packed movie like the Avengers ended in the middle of a fight. Hopefully, SAO keeps its momentum going in the 14th episode cryptically titled The End of the World…

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