Binbougami Ga! 13 – End of the Ride (Final Episode)

Huh, they’ve been using this intro card since the first episode but I’ve only bothered to use it now…


Ichiko manages to break free.

She takes Momiji and jumps out the window, leaving behind her Soumin Shourai.

Rindou jumps out of nowhere, catches the two and runs off with them.

Momiji tells the two that they’ll be fine if they make it past sunset.

They run into Bobby in his delivery truck. Ichiko uses her boobs to bribe Bobby into giving them a ride out-of-town.

Momiji cries at the thought of Ichiko sacrificing her boobs. She recalls the last time Ichiko’s sacrifice led to her depression. Momiji promises to stay with Ichiko forever.

Teddy and Momou soon catch up to them.

Rindou jumps out of Bobby’s truck to take on Momou.

Bobby gives Ichiko an amulet that would power up any body part exposed to it.

With that, Ichiko and her cat take on Teddy.

Teddy reveals that Momiji would turn human and die if she goes seven days clean.

Gods use a human doll to communicate with humans. Without that they can’t  be seen or heard. I just wanted to show Kuroyuri and her classy monocle.

Teddy throws a ball of yarn to distract Ichiko’s cat and then knocks Ichiko unconscious so he could pursue Momiji.

Ichiko wakes up to the sight of Keita’s face.

She asks Keita what it means if she gets upset at the fact that someone she hates is leaving.

Keita wisely tells her that the fact that she’s upset tells a lot about her true feelings (or something like that).

Ichiko equips Bobby’s amulets on her feet and runs like the wind past Nadeshiko and her first speaking line on the actual show.

Teddy has Momiji cornered on the top of the bridge.

Momiji tells Teddy that she found a way of sharing Ichiko’s Fortune without using force. A strong gust of wind blows and tosses Momiji off the bridge.

Ichiko manages to save Momiji. Among other things, she tells her that she’s at peace when she’s crazy.

Then she lets her go. WHAT?!

Fortunately, Momiji lands on a boat with garbage cargo. She returns to normal and Ichiko starts another one of their affectionate arguments.

The very last scene shows Bobby getting arrested for driving with a forged license and hitting a bridge.


Ah, the very last episode of Binbougami Ga’s first season…What can I say? The show delivered what it promised to deliver: Comedy and fanservice. A combination done many times before and I think Binbougami Ga did that combo to the best of its abilities. I think it utilized most of its cast well. Note, most. Suwano and Keita totally lacked presence in the show and were overshadowed by even the likes of Bobby and Momou. Joke characters. But I guess that if you’re gonna have a comedy show, you should have good joke characters and I love the duo of Bobby and Momou. They’re in the better part of this show’s comedy and they are the instigators of fanservice. In the early goings of this show, there were a hell lot of cheap cameos and parodies and bad drama, but as the show progressed, it started using original stuff and the drama got better. It’s hard to take drama in a comedy show seriously. I don’t expect this show to bring out emotions on the level of Clannad or something but it did for a bit. It wasn’t much but it was there. Hell, this particular episode seemed to have all new soundtracks that effectively compliment the scenes they play in. Some of them, you wouldn’t expect would have come from a comedy show produced by Sunrise. Some of them sound like they came straight from the most heart-wrenching visual novel. Obviously the studio put out all the stops to produce a great final episode and I say it did. The production values were at an all time high at this point, music was good, and basically all the prominent characters got to speak at some point in the episode. What was kind of off though was the plot of the episode itself. I was kinda confused with the whole “Momiji turns human by sunset. She’s going to die.” thing. In the end, Binbougami Ga! delivers. It’s probably not going to be one of the all time greats but it’s good for what it promises to its viewers. Again, chuckles and boobies.

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