Tari Tari 13 – Coming of Age (Final Episode)

Also, I want that dolphin pillow.


The day of the club’s performance has arrived. Wein gets to school first only to find all entrances blocked.

The others arrive and so does the chairman of the school. He tells the students that they will not perform and they should realize how powerless they should be.

The principal arrives and apologizes for not being of much help to his students.

He argues with the chairman but falls and pulls down his pants.

The Chairman shows the club their flyer and tells them how much trouble they’re causing. He crumples and throws the flyer but Nao arrives and picks it up.

She tells the students that she managed to convince the guards to leave and that the vocal and wind instrument club are waiting to perform with them. A crowd start gathering as the chairman leaves defeated.

The music clubs unite and make final preparations.

And so Konatsu and the others get to perform their musical to a decent audience.

Even the Condor Queens are shown tuning in to listen to them.

Some time after their performance, Sawa is shown practicing her English.

Wein finally receives a letter from Jan.

The group meet up at the beach shore as Sawa tells the others about her plan to study at an equestrian school abroad.

Konatsu and Wakana give Sawa a double butt slap of encouragement as Taichi looks on with a troubled expression.

The day of Sawa’s flight arrives. Taichi musters up the courage to confess to Sawa.

Sawa’s friends see her off with Taichi being the last one to leave the airport as he sheds a few tears.

Before the graduation day, Wakana visits Nao at the club room. She returns her mother’s sheet msuic and asks her to help her pursue a career in music.

Finally, their graduation day arrives. It’s implied that they are the last batch of students to graduate since the condominium construction seems to have pushed through.

The group sends their photos to Sawa.

They also send her a video of them singing one of the club’ songs.

Sawa opens her windows and sings along as Tari Tari finally comes to an end.

Clips of the club are shown during the credits sequence. Taichi is shown playing badminton with a team.

And Wakana is being tutored under Nao.

Wein returns to Austria and sees Jan again.

Konatsu is shown at college being invited to a club.

Wakana is shown returning home with a smile as Tari Tari really ends.


Man, I can’t believe this is the end. No, it wasn’t because the ending was terrible or it felt incomplete. None of that. The ending was great. I was worried that it would end a bit indecisively but it manages to cap everything off perfectly. I’m not going to ask for a second season because Tari Tari got the ending it deserved. It was an ending that was heart warming and beautiful but not farfetched. It truly showed the themes of Tari Tari which is growth and friendship. What’s great about Tari Tari is that its theme if growth is something we can all relate to. Not so long ago, I was about to graduate High School. I was still searching for the path I had to take but at the same time I wanted to make the most out of the present. I watched as these characters went through various experiences and grew from them. I watched them change. I just wanted to give them all a big, warm hug by the end of it all. I was so proud of them and I couldn’t believe it. I formed an actual bond with fictional characters. How great must a story actually be do that to me? It just goes to show how Tari Tari’s story is so well written. Not only the story, but the characters too. Take the vice principal for example. She seemed to be so antagonistic in the beginning but through the course of the story, her own past and her problems are shown that I can’t help sympathizing for her. She’s like Snape from Harry Potter. I despised that greasy-haired bastard when I was a kid but then I learned more about him and I felt for him and saw him in a different light towards the end of the story. Then he died. At least Nao got her good ending along with the rest of the characters. Wakana is probably the show’s protagonist since so much of focus is on her in the early goings of Tari Tari. However, I felt that as she grew and her conflicts were being resolved, the show was transitioning from Wakana as the main character to the whole group being the focus. Towards the end of the series, I felt not just a connection to each character individually, but I also felt a connection to them as a group. That is where Tari Tari’s theme of friendship plays in at the last episode. Looking back, I reflect on how these characters have had each other through their own ordeals. One thing I wish was more expounded on in the story is Taichi’s feelings for Sawa. I felt this angle gradually built up but I was quite disappointed with how it concluded. I mean, I give the writers credit for making my heart wrench as I saw Taichi coming up to Sawa as she’s about to leave and as he watched her plane take off but come on! Everything was going great and then comes this bittersweet moment. Still, I love how everyone moves on after the events of the main plot. It’s really fitting for a great coming of age story that is Tari Tari.

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