Sword Art Online 12 – Oh God. Frogs.

I hate frogs!


Kirito, Asuna and Yui have a meal at the orphanage.

They get a visitor named Yulier requesting for help from Kirito and Asuna.

She tells them about the situation in the Army with Kibaou being abusinve with his power and trapping their guild leader Thinker.

So now Yulier is there asking Kirito and Asuna to save Thinker who is trapped in a high level dungeon without weapons.

Kisuna (because “Kirito and Asuna” is too much of a hassle to type) have their doubts about all this but Yui tells them to trust her.

So now Yulier, Kisuna and Yui, who forces her way to join the party, go to a dungeon under the first floor.

Kirito starts slaughtering frog monsters.

Meanwhile, Yulier shows Asuna and Yui where Thinker is located.

Kirito and Asuna get into an argument about frog legs which causes Yulier to smile for the first time.

They finally find Thinker.

But get ambushed by the monster that stranded Thinker in the first place.

Asuna tells Yui and Yulier to move to the safe zone while Kisuna take on the monster.

Kisuna end up no match for the montser.

Just then, Yui appears, summons a flaming sword and defeats the monster with one slash.

Yui brings Kisuna to a safe room and tells them that she regained her memories. She explains Cardinal, the unmanned system that runs Sword Art Online entirely.

Yui was some sort of psychological guidance AI who was restricted by the system form doing her job and was forced to watch as players suffered and got depressed.

She saw Kisuna, who, unlike others, stayed positve and strong. Apparently, she didn’t see Kirito sulking like an emo kid during the first episodes.

She says that she will be deleted for defying the system to be with Kisuna.

Kirito accesses the GM’s account to retrieve Yui’s heart in the form of an item.


Quite a great episode actually. It was satisfying in pretty much all fields I judge anime on. Let’s see, as usual, Sword Art Online has great animation and decent music. There was actually quite a bit of good comedy with Kirito throwing frog legs at Asuna. The story telling was good for the most part and great in the last few minutes with Yui disappearing. Now, Yui’s is nowhere near my top ten list of anime deaths but it was still a pretty tragic scene. What could have made it better is that if Yui’s character was better established. She really only had 2 episodes with her in it so I really can’t relate much to her. Now, if someone with a lot of screen time, like Asuna, died the way Yui did, then maybe it would have been a more effective scene. Moving on, there wasn’t much action in this episode but some action is better than no action. The scene with Yui defeating the monster was pretty cool. About that fight, it seems that the world is catching up to Kirito. He used to be portrayed as some badass who can take one a band of PKs at once and defeat them all to save his loli beast tamer. Now he seems to be on the brink of death in almost every other fight. The events of this episode itself are also quite relevant to the main plot. In this episode, we learn what Yui actually is and with it, the complexities of Sword Art Online’s system. Secondly, and most importantly,we learn that KIBAOU IS STILL ALIVE OH MAH GAWD! The Supreme Goddess Overlord Princess Kibaou, Champion of the Noobs is alive and in power!

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