Binbougami Ga 12 – With Death Note



So Momiji’s character did a 180.

And apparently so did Teddy.

Momiji even turns the class around when some of the boys start admiring her instead of Ichiko.

She even gets the class to see Rindou as a girl.

Upon getting complimented by Keita…Rindou jumps out of a window.

Momiji visits Ichiko at home. Ichiko pins her down and demands answers. Momiji says that Gods of Misfortune lose their powers in the human world when they get cleaned.

Ichiko suspects that Momiji is playing with her so she can attack Ichiko when she least expects it.

So she calls on Bobby and Momou to get Momiji back to normal.

Bobby fails because he couldn’t defile such a pure aura.

Momiji gets terrified by Momiji’s kindness and jumps out the window.

During dinner, Momiji tells Ichiko that her mission is now to get Ichiko to spread her fortune to people who need it more.

Ichiko argues with Momiji and accidentally tips a bowl of stew on her.

Momiji runs away. Rindou tells Ichiko to go after her.

Ichiko apologizes but complains how Momiji’s always been pestering her until now. Momiji tells Ichiko that she can share her fortune by making friends (like Rindou and Suwano) and she will be repaid with happiness.

The two return and bathe together after being in the rain.

So time passes without Momiji ever reverting back to normal.

One day, Teddy gets thrown into a garbage truck and returns to normal.

Momou finds Teddy and both decide to team up to turn Momiji back to normal.

They ambush her at Ichiko’s house one day.

Momiji asks for a moment to talk to Ichiko and Momou gives it to her. She tells Ichiko that she will probably never return to this kind version of her and asks Ichiko to be nice to the normal Momiji.

She says goodbye to Ichiko and walks toward the pile of trash set up by Teddy. Cliffhanger…


This Momiji is…fascinating. She’s so kind, so soft-spoken, so pure, and so…so….AAAAAGH!!! I don’t know how to feel. On one hand, she’s the typical pure, innocent girl I’ve seen a hundred times before in other anime. On the other hand, Momiji or rather her voice actor pulls it off so well! I will admit that there were times that I wanted to roll on the floor, squealing in frustration at how charming Momiji is. It made me want to punch kittens. Anyway, the actual episode itself was pretty good. It did involve the more prominent characters. Rindou, Momou and Bobby all got some good screen time. As usual, Keita does nothing interesting, though he was kind of featured as much as Bobby was. Still, this could be just my personal opinion or it could be an opinion shared with many others but, in a show full of exaggerated, colorful characters, Keita is a boring snail. Seriously, the guy has no gimmick that makes me want to pay attention to him. The only times I ever liked a Keita segment is when it involves him coming up wirth get-rich-quick schemes. It’s too late to change my opinion of him now too. I think Binbougami Ga! will have its last episode next week. The show is probably going to end with Momiji going back to normal. I could see it coming from a mile away. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. At least the show will end with an arc built up in two or more episodes as opposed to a conflict happening on the spot in the last episode *cough* Tasogare Otome x Amnesia *cough*…

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