Tari Tari 12 – I Hate Sewing Machines

And this show made me remember why.


Konatsu tells everyone about her plan to go to the student council and request the cancellation of the cancellation of the White Festival. Her words, not mine.

Meanwhile, Makoto is told that the construction workers will be throwing out the old trash in the classrooms.

Taichi approaches Sawa and talks about the picture he owes his friend. Sawa doesn’t object and lets him take her picture.

Before leaving, Taichi takes another, less appealing picture from behind which becomes the one he gives to Hamachi.

On his way to the club room, Taichi spots the props being towed away. He rushes to the club room and gets everyone to chase after it.

Meanwhile, Konatsu is at a council meeting which the principal eavesdrops on.

Konatsu brings up her idea of continuing with the White Festival. She says that for others who can still move on to big competitions and tournaments, the White Festival doesn’t mean much, but there are those out there who only have the White Festival as their biggest stage. It all comes down to a showing of hands. Unfortunately not enough people show their support for Konatsu’s idea.

Konatsu meets up with the others who manage to retrieve their props battered and broken. The group start arguing when Wein sings to stop them and tell them that he’ll do them al over again.

One day, Wakana leaves her house to visit her mother’s grave. She finds Nao there.

She asks Nao to listen to the song she made. Nao tells her that it reminds her of her mother’s work.

The two talk about Wakana’s mother before paying their respects.

Sawa and Taichi find Wein in the club, apparently working all night. Taichi tells the others that he’ll handle the costumes.

Taichi goes to the head of the sewing club but says he’ll do the work.

After seeing his lack of skill with a sewing machine, the girl tells Taichi that she and her club will take care of the costume.

Sawa goes to the association of local business owners and asks them to advertise her club’s musical.

Konatsu asks Ueno to play the piano for her musical.

Boy-hair (whose name is actually Hirohita) intrudes again. This time, Konatsu tries to convince her to sing with them when Nao appears and calls the choir club for practice.

The principal tries to defend the White Festival by repeating what he heard from Konatsu during the council meeting.

It changes nothing and he is informed about the flyers being put up by the local business owners.

Montage of everyone preparing for the White Festival.

On the day before the festival, preparations are all done but it starts raining heavily.


I absolutely loved this episode. This one had everything which makes Tari Tari so great. The animation this episode was consistently good. The music did its part wonderfully as always. There were heart-warming and inspirational scenes. The pacing was good and easy to follow. Everything about this episode is just good. Story-wise, this episode took a few good steps forward. Taichi continues to hint having feelings for Sawa, Konatsu continues to push through with her musical. Wakana finished her song and is spending more time with the vice-principal. Wein is being Wein. Even the vice principal has shown improvements in character. She’s not as detestable as she was in the first episode. I actually sympathize for her now. The principal is also involved in serious circumstances despite looking like Colonel Sanders with a poofy wig. So the thing is, next episode is supposedly the last one and I just don’t want this series to end yet. First if all, I love what this show became. This is one of, if not the best drama anime I’ve watched. The drama of this show is subtle. It’s not as strong as shows like Clannad or Ano Hana but it’s moving. It gets you to feel for its characters. They go through some pretty deep stuff but they are all understandable. It’s the coming-of-age story we all go through. It’s that time before graduating high school where suddenly, friends, the future and yourself mean so much that you just want to set things right before moving on. I know what these characters are have been through and I can relate to them and that is why I love Tari Tari, and that is why I don’t want it to end yet. The second reason why I don’t want this to end yet is that there are still a lot of things left to be concluded properly and I doubt it would all be done in one episode. I want to see what happens to Sawa and Taichi the most. Sawa’s future isn’t set in stone yet and Taichi is still very unexplored. I knew him as the badminton guy during the first few episodes and I want to see where badminton takes him, right now, that seems to be set aside to show him and his interactions with Sawa. Then there’s the matter of Wein and Jan. That was never really resolved was it? Anyway, last episode (for the first season, I hope) is on next week. Stay tuned to Sunny Side to read my blog on the last episode and my overall thoughts on Tari Tari.

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