Sword Art Online 11 – Married Life

Sooo…Minors can have sex AND get married?! I want this game so bad!


Asuna and Kirito resign from the Knights of the Blood Oath.

And they move to Canada some place.

They spend their days doing what they want together without having to go back into battle.

One day, Asuna makes Kirito give her a ride on his shoulders through the forest. Really, this is just an excuse for Asuna to bare her legs, isn’t it?

Kirito spooks Asuna by telling a story about a player who saw a ghost in the forest.

And then Asuna finds a ghost.

The ghost collapses and the couple check it out and find that it was actually a little girl. Kirito finds it odd that she doesn’t seem to be an NPC, yet she doesn’t have a life bar like regular players.

Asuna takes her home and sleeps with her.

Asuna wakes up to find the girl awake and staring at her in the most loli way possible.

Asuna and Kirito ask her about her name and her past. The girl, Yui, seems to have lost her memory.

She starts calling Kirito “papa” and Asuna “mama”. Asuna finds this awkward but then Yui does her loli pout-and-stare again.

And so they become a family. One day, Kirito and Asuna take Yui to the first floor to look for her parents.

Asuna notices that the city is strangely unpopulated.

Suddenly, they hear a group of people arguing. They investigate it and find the Army harassing a lady and her children.

Kirito and Asuna (and I guess Yui) step in to make the save.

Asuna knocks back the Army members and send them fleeing like pansies.

The children thank Asuna when Yui starts acting strange.

She suddenly falls from Kirito and starts acting scared.


I’ll say it straight: This was boring. Really barely any action in this episode and how the story was presented was not at all attention grabbing. The episode came and went and I was like “What? That was it?” A good chunk of the episode is spent on Asuna doing internal monologues. As uninteresting as most of them are, they do shell out her character a bit. You get to see the motherly side of Asuna. Kirito on the other hand, was next to useless in this episode. All he did was give piggyback rides to people. He didn’t say anything provoking. He was just…there. Looking past the dullness of the episode, there’s actually a lot of important thoughts raised in this episode. For what it lacked in good stroytelling, this episode made up for with good plot development. Yes, it’s possible to have one without the other. Anyway, earlier in the episode, Kirito asks if his relationship with Asuna transcends the boundaries of the game while Asuna gets curious as to how old Kirito actually us. Note how both thoughts involve their real lives. Then, as mentioned earlier, the first floor city seems unpopulated and the Army seem to have a dictatorial hold on the poeple there. Then there’s the game glitching for a while and Yui losing herself. Both seem to be related but a lot about it all is still unknown. There are still many questions to be asked. The glitch, is this an effect of interference outside of the game world? Some goes for Yui. For a game that seems so intricately designed, how can an anomaly like Yui exist? What is the Army doing and why hasn’t anyone tried to stop it? Will this lead to civil war in the game? Questions, questions..,.

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3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 11 – Married Life

  1. elior1

    dont worry you will find out what yui realy is and what exactly going on with her in the next episode also her side story is very importend becouse she will apear in lot of episodes on the main plot

  2. Altuthir

    Bad storytelling? These episode were great! Yeah maybe they weren’t suspenseful and action packed, but they were cute, and showed Asuna and Kirito’s relationship blooming. Also the scene with all them together like a family was really cute. The only thing that miffed me was that we didn’t get to see Asuna and Kirito get married. I mean surely there’s some kind of ceremony interface they had to go through. It can’t be just that you get invited to get married and it’s done.


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