Binbougami Ga! 11 – The Fanservice Episode

I can’t wait for the uncensored Blu-Ray release!


Momiji is threatened with being fired once again.

Ichiko comes home after a long, hot day.

She goes to her bathroom to find Momiji bathing some kind of Grime God for money.

Since her bath has become unusable, Ichiko goes to Rindou. Upon seeing Rindou’s “bathtub”, Ichiko gets second thoughts and decides to go to the public bath instead.

Ichiko and Rindou run into Keita and his siblings at the public bath.

They also meet Bobby and Momou there.

Rindou fantasizes about Keita in the bath.

On the other side, the guys minus Keita are trying to get over the wall separating the men and women’s baths.

Ichiko hears a low voice ask her if she wants her back scrubbed. Thinking it was Rindou, Ichiko answers yes. Nope. It’s Momiji with a bath scrub gadget of Misfirtune.

Luckily Momou makes the save before Momiji could attack Ichiko.

Momou’s heroic sacrifice is ignored and he gets double kicked for coming into the women’s bath.

Keita gets infuriated at Momou for potentially seeing his sisters naked and he beats Momou up.

Ichiko’s cat manages to prevent Momiji from escaping.

Noticing Momiji’s fear of baths, Ichiko and Rindou pin Momiji down and scrub her clean.

Momiji shrinks so the two girls put her in the bathtub to grow.

Keita argues with Bobby about peeping on the girls. Rindou gets flustered when Keita defends them.

Bobby remarks that Rindou isn’t a sight worth seeing anyway. She’s more of a “manly cool” than a “girly cute”.

Rindou doesn’t take Bobby’s criticisms lightly and kicks him through the wall.

The wall crumbles and Keita gets to see Ichiko naked.

Keita quickly turns Ichiko around and leaves.

He comes out of the public bath exhausted.

Momiji(?) says goodbye to Keita as she heads home.

Momiji appears at school the next day with a whole new look and personality.


This was an amazing episode and not for the reasons I would usually call an episode “amazing” for. It didn’t have outstanding animation or music. It didn’t have a moving plot or great character development. It was just fanservice. Fanservice done right. The show even started out with Bobby and Momou proudly claiming that this episode was the fanservice episode. They did not lie. Man, I love those guys. Usually, I don’t think much of joke characters but as a pair, Bobby and Momou are a riot. The writers know that and take advantage of it. Whatever screen time they have is usually spent together doing acts of excessive perversion. I love it. My frequent readers (I have those?) would know that I’m usually against the use of fanservice in an anime. It ruins the plot, but I guess it’s okay when the anime in question barely has a plot to begin with! The fanservice in this episode was the type that probably arouses naughty pubescent boys while being ineffective on older men. Nothing about it was sexual. Still, it didn’t give me a woody but it did get me chuckling. I just need a show like this once in a while. Another thing that makes this episode so amazing is its relevance to the plot. You wouldn’t think that anything good would come out of a fanservice episode but look, at the end of this episode, Momiji’s appearance and personality changed due to being bathed and now the show has it’s conflict for the next story arc! I’d never thought of that! Oh yeah, last thing before I close up this post: Despite being a comedy anime based on a Jump manga and handled by Sunrise Studios, it apparently has only 12 to 13 episodes. Well f*ck. I don’t see how this show is going to end decisively.

I wonder how many times I’ve advertised the blog Facebook page now…

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