Beautiful x Sexy = Vocaloid’s Megurine Luka Tony Ver. by Max Factory

A Max Factory Figure of Luka designed by Tony Taka?! Can there be any more of a perfect figure for me?

If you’re a figure afficionado, you’d know that Max Factory is one of the top figure manufacturers in Japan. If you’ve been reading my other figure reviews, you’d know that I love characters designed by Tony Taka and while I barely mention this, I love Vocaloid and Luka is my favorite of them all tied with Miku. So when I heard that Max Factory was making a Luka figure based on Tony Taka’s artwork of her, I had such a massive nosebleed, I needed a third nostril to release my blood sufficiently! It was January when I pre-ordered her and she was my first pre-ordered figure. I did not know what I had gotten myself into. I had to wait 9 months. 9 excruciatingly long months before I could get my hands on her. Saving up was hard and there were many distractions along the way (Pastel Ink and Kaguya being some of them) but I did it, I saved; I waited and finally the day came when I could claim my Luka figure and God, was it worth it!

Look, I didn’t even set up a backdrop! I was so excited to take photos, I did it on the living room floor! Notice the fan behind her in previous photos.

Okay, let’s start the review? But where do I start? How about the face? Look at it! Her face is so round and cute but she wears an elegant expression at the same time! A nice little touch, the gem on her neck is actually shiny.

Moving downwards past Luka’s mighty fine pair of breasts, her skirt and belt are impressively well-detailed. Observe the folds on her skirt.

I love how you can feel the difference in texture in the figure. What is supposed to be cloth feels smooth while there are parts that are shiny and less smooth which would probably be made with a different material in real life.

Her vinyl disk base is just so classy and fitting.

On to a side shot, more awesome detail, look at how her hair waves!

Max Factory took no days off into sculpting her. Even her back side is beautiful.

One of the few problems I have with the figure is her detached mic head. While it looks pretty, it falls off her hand easily. I feel like I’m never going to display Luka with it anyway. Too much risk of losing it. It’s okay though. Her hand still looks naturally posed when empty.

Luka’s sexy armpits!

Now on to Luka’s sexy side!

Another of the few flaws of this figure is that the peg holding her upper and lower body together doesn’t fit perfectly and it shows up in low angle shots like the one above and this one featuring Luka’s glorious ass.

I think my older figure review of Hayane made it obvious that I’m a leg man and Luka’s are as sexy as they get!

Look at that side boob!

And now for the part where this review gets childishly pervy…LUKA’S SKIRT IS CAST OFFABLE!!!


What can I say? Megurine Luka Tony Ver. is beautiful, but kind of pricey too. I think it’s worth it though. It’s really easy for me to say that she’s my favorite figure yet and I’m pretty sure for a long time to come. Megurine Luka and Tony Taka…Seriously, it’s like someone in Max Factory HQ read my mind and decided to do me a big favor with this figure! I love it so much! Of course, there a few flaws. Aside from the loose mic head and unfitting peg on her body (which I fixed by reducing its size by sanding it), her skirt is loose. While this means that it’s easy and safe to pull off when revealing Luka’s sexy legs, it also means that it can be moved out of place easily too. I don’t want to end this review on a bad note so here’s this: Max Factory’s Megurine Luka Tony Ver. is a great item and would look great in anyone’s figure collection. Everything about it is so well done and I’m so happy I bought this figure. If you love Luka or you’re a fan of Tony Taka’s art style, or even if you just want a good figure to add to your collection, this Megurine Luka figure would be a great acquisition! And now for some bonus pics!

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