So I Just Watched .Hack//The Movie…

Now I’m reminded of just how great the series is…

Okay, this isn’t going to be the traditional “Summary and Thoughts” review that I usually do. The movie was 2 hours long and as much as I loved it, I’m too lazy to sum the whole thing up. I will however, provide 100 SCREENSHOTS! That is probably the movie’s greatest strength. The animation was like something out of a Pixar or Dreamworks movie. It has a well-detailed, colorful style to it whenever it showed The World, while it had that 2D-3D hybrid characteristic of the .Hack//GU games. It’s amazing. It could give Final Fantasy Advent Children a run for its money. The movie’s soundtrack won’t be outdone either. While I felt that the first 20 minutes lacked background music, The moment Sora entered The World, the music picked up and became more consistently epic. It has that Gaellic, choral style the .Hack series always had as well as some great orchestral tracks. It kind of lacked rock music but that’s not a problem when the soundtrack can be awesome without it. While I absolutely praise .Hack//The Movie’s production value, I find its story a little unsatisfying. There are two main plots to the movie. One is the impending online calamity which seems to be the plot for every .Hack; another is the love triangle between Sora, Tomohiko and Tanaka. It’s not the super dramatic kind of love triangle though, it was cute and sweet and it brings up the real life truth that they are middle schoolers with middle school lives they’re living. That’s another thing I love about .Hack: Representation of real life. That is something I always criticized Sword Art Online for. After the first episode of SAO, the gravity of the players’ situation is lost because the show never -er- shows the real life implications of being trapped in a game. For all I know, Kirito’s real body is actually skin and bones by now. It has been 2 years after all. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Sword Art Online. I just think that if people are going to compare the two, they should know what SAO lacks compared to .Hack and how it’s suffering because of what it lacked. .Hack has always made an effort to have real life segments in every incarnation. While, they may be boring at times, they always work to deepen the plot and bring the viewer/reader/player closer to the character. For example, in .Hack//GU, the player can read Haseo’s e-mails and go to forums and watch news videos outside and unrelated to The World. Anyway, back on topic, .Hack//The Movie’s representation of real life was a lot lighter than usual. It focused more on Sora than the society affected by the calamity. The show is like 40% real life and 60% game while the other .Hacks were more 20% real life and 80% game. The movie makes Sora more understandable and likeable (Your mileage may vary on this though…), but it fails to show just how big the problem is. The ending for this movie was…androgynous. The wiki says Sora went with X even when Y confessed to her, but it looks like she went with neither of them and kept them both as friends. I was rooting for X but Y was a cool guy too and I think this was for the best. I mean, was Y really all that bad? Not really. Did X do enough in real life to get Sora to like him? Not really either. Y did more. Concluding this review: .Hack//The Movie is great. It has an okay story with great animation and music. The characters are realistic and relatable and not at all farfetched. The movie doesn’t get too technical with the world of .Hack so it’s okay for someone who isn’t a big .Hack geek to watch. This movie easily up there with the greats of anime movies. It may not be hyped up like Sword Art Online or Final Fantasy but you’ve read this review, and I’m telling you to go see it. Watch it and enjoy!

Still not convinced? Here are 100 SCREENSHOTS from the movie!

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