Tari Tari 11 – Sawa in Skimpy Battle Armor

I was half-expecting that. Still couldn’t prevent my Jimmies from getting rustled though…


Wakana gets more into song writing and starts to resemble her mom a bit.

A fantasy glimpse of what Konatsu’s musical will look like featuring Sawa in BATTLE PANTIES!

Taichi sees that he’s in-charge of making backdrops and completely object to it.

Konatsu gets bossy on Taichi while Wein gets excited about making props. Sawa and Wakana who just sit there decide that it’s a great time to take a cute group photo.

@OkitaSawa tweeted: “With #choirandsometimesbadmintonclub preparing for the #WhiteFestival!.”

In the ladies’ room, Wakana hands Sawa a sample of the song she’s writing so Sawa can get to work on choreography.

Meanwhile, Makoto notices the engineers as he and the student council prepare the decorations for the White Festival.

Later that night, Taichi tries to draft out his drawings using some manga as inspiration.

Taichi shows the group his work the next day and they all find it horrible.

Taichi asks the president of the art club but she rejects him.

Taichi’s friend Hamachi who is in the art club tells Taichi that he’ll do the backdrops if he could get him a candid photo of Sawa. Pervert.

Taichi finds Sawa alone in the club room practicing her choreography. He brings out his camera phone to steal a snapshot but gets mesmerized by what he sees. Lucky bastard.

The school principal gets told about the plans of turning the school into a condominium and that he has to inform the teachers, students and parents soon.

Konatsu talks to Ueno about playing the piano for their musical.

Boy-hair intrudes saying that their choir club is busy enough as it is but Konatsu barks back at her.

The principal gets ready to tell the staff about the school’s future but Nao wants nothing to do with it and walks out.

Boy-hair brings Konatsu to their club room. The members have been lazy since the vice principal’s been acting strange lately.

Nao walks in and announces that the White Festival will be canceled to make way for the construction of the condominium.

Everyone goes back to what they were doing before the White Festival.

The group run into each other one after-school evening and Konatsu expresses how she missed being a club.

Wakana arrives with her finished song and encourages everyone to sing it together.

Everyone listens to Wakana’s song and Konatsu gives her a thumbs up of approval.


This was an enjoyable episode as is usual for Tari Tari. The show went back to its light-hearted, almost slice-of-life kind of atmosphere. Everyone was so excited about the White Festival. Everyone was working hard and doing their best. The episode had that unforced comedy which I love about this show. The comedy in this show, like the other aspects of it, is subtle but effective. You won’t expect any of the characters going chibi or growing cartoony anger veins while shouting at each other (unlike, say, Binbougami Ga!) but the show still manages to make me chuckle. Anyway, the first half was all bright and everyone had a sense of hope and excitement and then the second half came around. There was the principal sighing about the news of the school getting shut down. There was also the school choir club struggling to prepare without the vice principal who is also affected by the news of the school getting shut down. Amidst the festive atmosphere of the preparation for the White Festival, there were people who were down and lacking in spirit. Now look at that description! This is another thing I love about the show. Despite being anime, which is usually stereotype as unrealistic, in medium, this show carries such a believable depiction to it. I can totally see this show being adapted into a live action show or a novel. Unfortunately, this episode couldn’t get away without me griping at something and that’s how Sawa was used in this episode. It’s a really minor thing though. Yeah, there was that part with her in skimpy battle armor. I always defended that this show doesn’t have any fanservice. What seemed like fanservice in Sawa undressing herself in that one episode was an effective tool of adding drama to the scene and it really wasn’t meant to arouse Sawa fanboys (but it did). This however, is inexcusable. They could have shown Sawa in less revealing armor but no, they showed Sawa in a metal bra and black panties. Then again, it was Konatsu’s imagination and heaven know’s that that girl is eccentric. Now the important question coming out of this is if Sawa will wear the same thing during their musical. On how I feel about this, I would like to quote the great lyricist R. Kelly in his ballad Bump N’ Grind: “My mind’s tellin’ me nooo…but mah body! MAH BODY’S tellin’ me YEEESSS!”

Being the pervert that I am, I’ll probably have that picture of Sawa in her “barely armor” armor up in the blog FB page so click this link and Like Sunny Side on Facebook in the name of fanservice!

2 thoughts on “Tari Tari 11 – Sawa in Skimpy Battle Armor

  1. PC

    In case you didn’t notice… there was another P.A. Works cameo. (Aside from “Reflectia” in Episode 1). The Art Club President was in Hanasaku Iroha.


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