Sword Art Online 10 – Underage, Premarital, Virtual Sex

And Kuradeel’s happy face.


Heathcliff, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath, challenges Kirito to a duel where if he loses, Kirito has to join his guild.

Kirito manages to cut Heathcliff and make an opening for the finishing blow.

But then time seems to have stopped and Heathcliff manages to sidestep Kirito.

He makes a definitive stab at Kirito and wins the duel.

So now Kirito has to dress like one of the Knights too.

Asuna asks why Kirito avoids guilds so much and he tells her about his experience with the Black Cat guild and how they all died before him.

Asuna holds Kirito close to comfort him and promises that she won’t die.

Kirito gets called up to train with Godfrey and another player who isn’t Asuna.

Turns out that other player was Kuradeel.

Kuradeel apologizes for his past actions and promises never to repeat them.

Iku yo!

The trio take a break to eat which causes Kirito to contemplate how Asuna’s food is much better than the food provided by the guild.

Suddenly, Kirito and Godfrey get paralyzed. Kuradeel starts laughing like a mad man and it was his intention to kill them both all along.

Kuradeel butchers Godfrey to death.

He turns to Kirito but shows him the emblem of the Laughing Coffin (A PK guild) before stabbing him repeatedly.

Kuradeel starts stabbing Kirito in places dangerously close to his sausage.

Asuna saves Kirito before his HP would have been completely drained.

Asuna thrusts her rapier at Kuradeel repeatedly until he submits.

Kuradeel tries to take advantage of Asuna lowering her guard but Kirito gets in the way and kills him off.

Kirito sees Asuna in tears and kisses her like the manly man he is.

Kirito stays at Asuna’s house for the night.

Asuna dims the lights and gets undressed. I’m sure you know what she’s thinking.

Kirito tries to cower out of sex saying he just wanted to sleep over. Asuna gets embarrassed and Falcon Punches Kirito.

After sex, Kirito tells Asuna about a small town they can move to and get married.


SEX. For the most part, this was a great episode. The episode started off with some great action with the fight between Kirito and Heathcliff (which is a terrible name for someone so strong, by the way). It was a really short scene but at least it showed what the animation was capable of. This is like the only show that does the Matrix-style camera sequence. Asuna was also shown being more affectionate to Kirito too. At first, it seemed all too sudden how Asuna and Kirito became buddies after meeting again in the front lines, but the show actually did a good job showing how their relationship grew. I like how Asuna cooking for Kirito became the bridge between “Asuna and Kirito training together” and “Asuna and Kirito having sex”. SEX. Good God! SEX. I didn’t think the show would go this far. I mean, it wasn’t anything graphic but I can’t help reminding myself that our little baby-faced hero Kirito has just lost his virginity. Oh, and about SEX, I’m calling biased fanservice how Asuna was shown in her undies and later on implied naked under the bed sheets while Kirito kept his clothes on the whole time. Okay, straying away from the topic of sex, I’d like to talk about Kuradeel next. I may have been momentarily gullible (I just woke up when I watched this episode), but I actually thought Kuradeel’s apology was sincere! What was wrong with me? Of course, then he poisoned Kirito and Godfrey (Who kinda looks like Rider from Fate/Zero) and put on his insane, slasher smile. What bugged me about that scene, and I guess this applies to the boss fight last episode, was that Kirito didn’t have his super HP regenerating skill he had when he saved Silica. What happened to that? I guess for the convenience of plot and conflict creation, Kirito decided to discard that awesome skill and let himself be vulnerable. One last thing before finishing up this post: Heathcliff is a terrible name. Okay, goodbye!

Whatever you do, do not click on this link! It’s a trap! Oh, but you know, you probably have a good antivirus program, and it’s not like this writer would risk getting banned on WordPress for linking to malicious content right? No probably not. It is probably safe to click this link

9 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 10 – Underage, Premarital, Virtual Sex

  1. elior1

    if you think this was good just wait for the next episode it a side story with a girl very importend to the plot but it also include their honeymoon after the marrige

  2. James Chan

    I wonder what happens with their real bodies when they had ‘SEX’ in the game. You see, when they are dead in the game, they are presume to die in the real life. So having sex in the game =? in the real life? I think we can only imagine it.

  3. Falanx

    “What bugged me about that scene, and I guess this applies to the boss fight last episode, was that Kirito didn’t have his super HP regenerating skill he had when he saved Silica. What happened to that?”

    That actually wasn’t a super regeneration skill. He was just so much higher level than all of them that they couldn’t actually do more damage than his natural HP regeneration in the game. That’s not the case with bosses or Heathcliff.

    1. giuvigiuvio Post author

      Now that I think about it, natural HP regenration would make sense in a game where the cost of death in-game is death in real life. Thanks for the informative comment.

  4. Lucario

    They did not do “it”. Asuna wanted to, but Kirito avoided it The reason Asuna was naked in bed was probably because, after punching Kirito, she took off the remaing clothes and went to bed and slept. When Kirito woke up, he woke her up, too and talked to her about marriage in the game.

    1. Las Manos Rapidas

      Welcome to the internet, where kids need to learn, and their opinion doesn’t matter!
      Here is Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5. In case you think this was written by some idiot who wanted to “Destroy the innocence that is SAO” I have to disagree. You see, the original author himself, Reki Kawahara, was the one who wrote this. Back when SAO was starting, he only posted it online as a web novel, this one specific sub-chapter was originally part of Chapter 16, which coincides with the second half of this episode, but was cut out of the publication due to…well it’s fucking porn.
      So there you have it, while this was not part of the publication, this is still canon.
      Now have fun imagining Asuna completely ravished by the virtual avatar of Kirito!
      Happy glopping!

  5. Poseidon

    Let me just say, I so agree with the regenerating power. Kirito just suddenly “lost” the skill when it supposedly comes with the level.


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