Binbougami Ga! 10 – Big Piece of Sh*t

No, literally. The episode was fine though.


Rindou wants to hang out with Ichiko after class but Ichiko rejects her offer. Rindou complains that Ichiko’s been like that the whole week so Ichiko brings Rindou to her house to show her reason for not hanging out with her.

And that reason was a stray kitten Ichiko picked up during one stormy evening.

Obviously, Momou can’t get along with a cat.

Things get rowdy when Bobby meets Rindou and criticizes her lack of womanly features and when Momou transforms. Ichiko notices that Momiji is missing amongst the chaos.

Rindou goes home eventually and Ichiko gets to thinking about the time Momiji told her that she would suck the fortune out of everyone close to her.

Ichiko goes to the bathroom only to find a God of Toilets who came to tell her how she’s ruining the balance of Fortune and Misfortune. Already aware of that problem, Ichiko flushes the Toilet God before he could say anything else.

One day, after coming home from school, Ichiko receives a letter stating that Momiji kidnapped Ichiko’s cat and if she wants it back, she has to meet her at the school gym.

Ichiko runs to the school gym and finds Momiji with her cat all tied up.

Ichiko summons her manifestations and commands them to attack Momiji.

Ichiko falls for Momiji’s trap as she uses a vacuum to suck Ichiko’s manifestations and convert them to Fortune.

A fire caused by a student cooking ramen in the gym envelops the building as Ichiko tries to save her cat.

Here’s a shot of Kuroyuri for no reason.

Momiji notices the gym burning and panics since it wasn’t in her plan to get Ichiko killed.

Suddenly, Toilet God appears before Ichiko.

His job as a Toilet God is to watch over newborns like that kitten. He brings out his own Toilet God gadget to give the cat some Fortune which was drained by Ichiko.

Unfortunately, he blows too much and the cat turns humanoid.

Ichiko’s cat leads her to safety and out the window, where Momiji apparently was.

Ichiko crashes on Momiji and releases the Fortune which she stole, giving Ichiko enough power to summon her Soumin Shourai.

Water erupts from underground and kills the fire.

Toilet God gives Ichiko something before she leaves.

Turns out Toilet God and Momiji were in cahoots.

Toilet God gave Ichiko a keystone that would prevent her from draining Fortune.


I hope the title didn’t offend anyone! Anyway, this was a pretty good episode.The plot for this one was pretty straightforward and consistent. It barely took time off to crack a joke.  Everything transitioned pretty well. The thing with this episode is, then story really only lasted for about 15 minutes. Everything else was extras. I guess that’s one way for the show to look more serious while maintaining its level of comedy. It’s kind of a mixed bag for me since it kinda shows how meager the plot of this show is. 15 minutes. It wasn’t a continuation of anything really, just a one shot chapter introducing a new concept:The keystone…and maybe the cat. Something to point out is the use of characters in this show. Obviously, Ichiko and Momiji were the focus of this episode but there was a good amount of  screen time for the supporting characters Bobby, Momou, and Rindou. I laugh at the fact that Keita had no part in this episode at all. That fat, delinquent girl had more relevance than him. Poor guy, his 15 minutes of fame are over. It could be worse, he could be like Suwano whose only way of “appearance” is being mentioned by Ichiko or another character.Keita and Suwano weren’t even in the extra segments! Kuroyuri at least got to be an eyecatch!

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