Tari Tari 10 – What Is Shiho Doing?

This whole Wein arc has me asking this kind of question too many times.


Wein and the gang do their hero act for the first time.

And they’re met if awkward silence…

Shiho gets some of the store owners to pose as the villains.

One of them breaks his own back during the mock fight.

The group continue their show as some random guy in a bike watches from a distance.

Shiho ends up replacing the guy with a broken back.

Their act gets starts to draw in a crowd and Wakana notices Boy-hair and Headband watching them. Man, Headband is cute.

After their shift, Shiho asks if the group could perform again the next day since they got popular. After soe discussion they end up agreeing to work again.

While trying to write her song, Wakana remembers Shiho telling her to ask the VP.

The next day, Konatsu gets called up by the VP. Believing that it has something to do with their part-time job, Wakana and Sawa go too. They were right as the VP tells them they’re defying school policy with their part-time job. The girls remind her that she signed their consent forms and the VP is left with no choice but to let them go.

Outside, Wein thanks them for defending the Westshop Rangers.

Back inside, VP remembers her high school days with Mahiru, Wakana’s mom.

Wakana returns to ask about how her mom wrote songs. She brings the VP to the music room and shows her the cassette.

VP (Who’s name is Naoko by the way) recalls one time when Mahiru told her that music is having fun. Nao tells Wakana something similar and returns to her office.

Nao stops in a hallway and remembers seeing the draft Mahiru wrote for Wakana as she paid her last visit to her before Mahiru passed away.

Konatsu thinks about selling her autographed Condor Queen’s album to add to their WHite Festival fund.

The others tell her not too and focus on their current task of being superheroes.

During one of their acts, bike guy steals Konatsu’s bag with the Condor Queen’s album.

Wein runs after him and chases him around town.

Wein catches up and gets into a mini brawl with the thief.

Wein starts singing the Ganba Rangers theme which confuses the thief I guess.

Taichi and the others catch up and sing with Wein as they surround the thief.

Their hero act makes headlines which Wein sends to Jan.

After credits, engineers examine the school as Nao looks on.


I got mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand, I feel like Wein’s arc wasn’t really justified with this sort of ending. It’s not like the matter of Jan not receiving Wein’s letters was ever resolved. Also, how exactly did Wein grow in this arc? Wakana learned to love music again and set out to write her own song. Sawa found out that her dad actually cared about her. Wein? I dunno. He got to have his hero moment I guess. He’s still the same old Wein at the end of the day though. Now despite the unsatisfying Wein arc, this episode was still a good watch since it delved into the VPs past with Wakana’s mom. It was some subtle heart-wrenching stuff and it actually made me feel for Nao despite the fact that she’s always been depicted as the protagonists’ biggest pain the ass. Really, I love how the show is -er- showing her weaker side while she puts up her strict and no-nonsense attitude in front of her students. Makes you wanna think about what your teachers go through. N-E-way about Nao and Mahiru’s past, this is one of the few things I have to criticize about Tari Tari: Mahiru is such a bland character. Oh god, I’m criticizing Tari Tari! What is the world coming too? No, but seriously. She’s the typical totally enlightened, no-problems kind of character and that kind of ruins the realism of this show. Everyone except Mahiru has a believable personality. While Wein and Konatsu are always cheerful, the show does show them having weaknesses and flaws. Mahiru on the other hand, seems to be perpetually happy. Maybe the show has something in store about her which would answer my criticisms but it’s already getting late into the story. It’s already the 10th episode, and it seems the new conflict seems to be about what’s going on with the school and the focus is on Nao. The show might -er- show more of Mahiru while focusing on Nao, but I can’t really guarantee that seeing how there are other things going on. Dammit! Tari Tari needs a 2nd season! There would be so many questions left unanswered!

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