Binbougami Ga! 9 – Cheese

Yes, I do like my cheese like that.


So the girls’ P.E. coach got sick and now that means they’ll be joining the boys. For Rindou, that means a chance to get close to Keita.

As expected, the boys in Ichiko’s class all want to partner up with her. She ends up picking Ouji(prince), a stereotype bishounen and a member of the tennis team.

Momiji picks a brute named Gorihara, another member of the school tennis team.

It just so happens that Gorihara and Ouji are rivals in the tennis team.

Rindou just cheers them on completely unaware of the tension between the two.

Momiji makes things more interesting by putting stipulations to their match. If she wins, she gets Ichiko’s fortunes. If Ichiko wins, Momiji gives up and goes home.

During their game, Ichiko intimidates Gorihara while blatantly trying to hurt him.

While Momiji’s trickery causes Ouji to turn dumbfounded.

Both sides seem evenly matched when Ichiko brings out her special racket, wich is just her ordinary racket tied to the Soumin Shurai.

Her Fortune manifestations power up her serve while a sandstorm conveniently blinds her classmates.

Keita, who apparently has been asleep all this time, wakes up to find a giant pit where part of the tennis court used to be. The outcome of the game? Tie.

Second half. Yamabuki hires someone else to sap Ichiko’s fortune.

Meanwhile, Ichiko’s learning how ton cook out of Suwano’s suggestion.

Despite being incredibly lucky everywhere else, Ichiko botches cooking.

She ends up ordering pizza which Momiji somehow gets her hands on first.

As usual, Momiji gets blasted out of Ichiko’s building.

Momiji recovers from her fall and looks up to see her old friend Kuroyuri.

Kuroyuri says she came to help Momiji when in fact she’s doing it to get to Yamabuki.

They double team Ichiko while she’s cooking.

Their plan attack backfires when Ichiko simply ducks and Momiji accidentally impales Kuroyuri.

Also, whatever Ichiko was cooking explodes on poor Kuro.

Momiji thinks she finally found Ichiko’s weakness and challenges her to a cook-off with the same stipulations as their tennis match and with Kuroyuri as the judge.

Momiji prepares a master-class dish.

Ichiko cooks up the food equivalent of eternal damnation.

Kuro tries Ichiko’s dish first and, well, this happens…

She disappears from the human world and begs Yamabuki to let her quit her pursuit of Ichiko.


So this show goes back to its usual slapstick comedy and it’s really satisfying. Feels good, man. So this episode was pretty much just a filler whose sole purpose is to introduce Kuroyuri and, as soon as she debuts, she leaves….What? Yeah, the ending to this was kinda sudden and quite a let-down really. I was expecting Yakitate Japan-level reaction when Kuro took a bite of Ichiko’s dish. Nope. Just that slightly disturbing image of Kuro bleeding from her eyes and about 20 seconds of her rolling around while Momiji and Iciko watch. About that, this particular episode spent a good amount of time in low-budget animation. The first 30 seconds was of a bunch of track and field girls jogging with Bobby and Momou trailing behind…and a police car trailing behind them. I’m not sure if this counts as a budget tatic but there were 2 Nadeshiko Ga segments. Maybe it’s a budget tactic or maybe Nadeshiko is getting popular. Who knows? This episode was light and slow, a good step away from the plot. Its something Binbougami Ga! can afford to do and really, I prefer it at this pace. Just some random comment to cap off this post: Kuroyuri is hot. There was that one pan of Kuro sitting with one leg over the other and DAYUM! She’s got sexy legs. You know I love me some sexy legs!

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