Tari Tari 9 – Taichi, What the Hell Are You Doing?

I thought Ranger White was always supposed to be the cool one.


The doorbell rings as Wein is watching Ganba Rangers. It’s the mailman returning Wein’s letters that couldn’t be sent.

At Wakana’s side, she asks her dad about how her mother used to write songs. Her father confesses that he doesn’t know much about his wife’s song writing habits. He tells Wakana to ask Shiho.

At club, Konatsu reveals her plans for the White Festival: a musical drama. They discuss who does what and how they’ll fund their drama.

Taichi notices Wein not being his usual cheery self during club time.

Shiho participates in a meeting with the local business owners. They’re looking for new ways to draw in customers and Shiho suggests having superhero mascots.

She asks for five people from the meeting to play the five superheroes but no one volunteers. Then she gets a call from Sawa telling her that Wakana and the rest of the group are coming over.

Over some cake, Shiho asks the group to play the superhero roles for her. Only Wein and Konatsu really get excited.

Shiho takes them to the storage shack to show them the costume’s they’ll be wearing.

Konatsu tells Shiho about Wakana wanting to talk to her and Shiho agrees to if they wear the costumes. She gets her superheroes and the club gets paid 30,000 yen to fund their drama.

Wein gets really excited and volunteers his house to be their rehersal place.

After the others leave, Wakana asks Shiho about her mother. Shiho also says she doesn’t know much about how Wakana’s mother worked. She does tell Wakana to ask the vice-principal since they co-wrote a song together.

Nexy day, Wein shows the others the plan he worked on last night. Since they’ll be stationed at the western shopping district, he thought they should be called Westshop Rangers.

The group decides colors, and Wein tells them to start rehearsing.

The girls end up fooling around and Wein yells at them. Things turn quiet for a while before Taichi asks Wein what’s wrong.

Wein shows the letters he wrote that were sent back to him by the post office.

He tells the story of how he met a boy named Jan and how they became best friends throught Ganba Rangers.

Wein promises Jan that he’ll return when he can. Jan is a very tempting shota, just saying.

They try on their costumes. Sawa complains that the suit reveals her figure (Ooh la la!). Outside of the girls’ dressing room, Taichi feels as if he’s the only sane man in the bunch.

Somewhere off at a distant land, the principal shows the vice principal something that upsets her. Apparently whatever that is jeopordizes the choir club.

Taichi points out that students aren’t allowed to have after-school jobs except for special circumstances.

The group visit the vice principal looking to get their consent forms approved. The vice principal looks to be in deep thought as she inattentively stamps the papers.

Outside of the faculty room, Sawa and Wakana discuss how the VP seemed to have other things on her mind.


Pretty meh episode, especially considering how emotional Wakana and Sawa’s build-up episodes were. This one was quite easy going like the first few episodes of this show. That’s fine with me but in the long run, how is this gonna make Wein look good? I mean, Wakana’s arc hit me hard and I wanted to give her a big, warm hug in the end. I always wanted to hug Sawa for reasons other than sympathy *cough*. Wein, on the other hand, is a pretty cool dude but it’s a little hard to sympathize for him. He’s pretty much the joke character of the series, but he does have a good backstory. All through out the series, there were scenes of Wein writing to Jan. Those scenes helped build Wein’s character and made me take him a little more seriously. This episode was supposed to make good use of all that character build-up, but it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong though. This is far from a bad episode. It was easy to watch and it did make sure I remembered the sub plot involving the principal, who, by the way, is the most outlandinsh looking character in the series. Anyway, the thing is, this episode just wasn’t good as the others and don’t tell me joke characters can’t make good drama because the Sunohara arc in Clannad After Story made me cry like a baby. Then again, it is Clannad…

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