Sword Art Online 8 – Barefoot Asuna

Ah, I’m referncing the cooking show Barefoot Contessa. Asuna doesn’t actually go barefoot in this episode. Sorry foot fetishers…


So now it’s been two years (WHAT) since Sword Art Online started. Kirito’s reached the 74th floor and is still a solo player.

On his way home, Kirito spots a rare monster and kills the poor little rabbit.

Kirito shows Egil the rare item he picked up from the rabbit. Egil suggests Kirito to find a player with a high cooking skill to make something out of it.

Asuna shows up with her bodyguard and Kirito claims he found his chef. Asuna also gets surprised at the rare ingredient Kirito has and makes a deal with Kirito that she gets half the dish if she cooks it.

They decide to cook in Asuna’s home since she probably has better utensils. Asuna’s bodyguard (Who is obviously not a good guy. Just look at him!), Kuradeel, advises her not to bring some shady character like Kirito to her home.

Kuradeel causes a scene as he discriminates Kirito for being a beater (beta tester+cheater). Asuna reprimands him and orders him to return to the guild.

Asuna and Kirito arrive at Asuna’s home. She gets changed then gets to cooking.

After dinner, Kirito and Asuna chat over some tea. Kirito expresses how he thinks the players have grown complacent and people have given up on finishing the game. Asuna talks about how the number of players at the front lines have been thinning out.

Without Kirito saying anything, Asuna rejects any proposals, made or not, of them getting married.

Asuna invites Kirito to go training with her. Kirito hesitates pointing out how he’s a solo player and Asuna has guild duties. Asuna threatens her with a butter knife and I guess Kirito forgot that PKs can’t happen in town because Asuna’s threat worked.

It turns evening. Kirito looks on from the view at Asuna’s house while thinking about if this complacency is what the creator of SAO wanted.

Next day, Kirito gets caught off guard whie waiting when Asuna leaps out of the portal and crashes on him. Guess where Kirito’s hand went.

Kuradeel spawns after Asuna and tells her to go back to the guild.

He tries to take Asuna by force when Kirito stops him.

Kuradeel challenges Kirito to a one-hit duel which he accepts.

Kirito makes quick work with him and breaks his sword.

Kuradeel pulls out a dagger and attacks Kirito again when Asuna stops him and relieves him of his duties.

Short cut-in to some suspicious looking character from the PK guild that attacked Yoruko and friends.

Asuna and Kirito decide to resume training together.

They end up reaching the floor boss room.

They take a peek inside and find this guy.


Solid episode. Nothing really ground breaking. After spending quite a while focusing on other girls, the show turns its attention back to the leading lady Asuna. It’s funny how often Kirito and Asuna are seen together and yet despite that, everyone knows Asuna but barely anyone can recognize Kirito. Come on, he’s a beater, he made a scene during the murder mystery arc, he soloed his way to the front lines, he’s dressed in all black and weilds a sword that cuts other swords. What do you mean you don’t know about the infamous black-cloaked, solo-playing beater?! Anyway, apparently it’s been two years since the start of Sword Art Online. Eight episodes in and still no answers as to how a player’s real life body continues to live on after two years of what is basically comatose. See, this is something the .Hack series had over this show: Real life segments. In .Hack, the shows would occasionally turn over to the real world situation to better explain some things in the game. I wouldn’t mind if the show took five minutes to give an update as to how the world is treating the whole “thousands of people trapped in a video game” situation. I still say some evil game developer who toys with the people playing his game isn’t just gonna be ignored by the media. Man, I hope the show doesn’t end up shoving all the real world events in the last episode or something. I’ts kinda obvious how the show is completely ignoring real life. “Real world situation? Never mind that! Look! Lizbeth has pink hair!” In the show’s defense, it actually acknowleges the fact that players have gotten used to the world of Sword Art Online and the whole “stuck in a video game” problem seems to have passed them already. I’d say this is like moving out and living in a new town. Give it some time and you’ll forget about the neighborhood you used to live in since your more direct concerns are about the neighborhood you’re living in now. What’s good about this episode are the fight scenes. The show started fast with Kirito fighting some random Lizardman. It slowed down a bit with the whole Asuna cooking thing and it picked up with Kirito fighting Kuradeel. That scene had some cool angles and slo-mo sequences but it wasn’t anything epic. Still, it satiates my demand for action in this show.

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