Binbougami Ga! 8 – Mean Lolis

Backstabbing friends and stealing boyfriends and they don’t even have boobs yet. Girls these days grow up so fast.

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Rindou gets invited to a karaoke party.

She wants to bring Ichiko along but she declines while Momiji gladly accepts.

Rindou notices Ichiko looking lonely as they part ways.

During karaoke, Rindou and Momiji talk about Ichiko always being distant with others. Momiji guesses that it has something to do with her past.

The two pay a visit much to Ichiko’s surprise and irritation.

Ichiko asks why Rindou considers her a friend and Rindou answers that it’s because she stood up for her against her father.

Ichiko tells Rindou that she has no need for friends. Rindou continues to be buddy-buddy with Ichiko until Ichiko loses her patience and sends her unwanted guests out the window. Rindou recovers and asks Momiji how they can investigate Ichiko’s behavior. Momiji gives her one of her Binbougami gadgets which lets her listen to Ichiko’s feelings. She also casually reveals that she’s a God of Misfortune when Rindou asks.

Next day at school, Ichiko gets ambushed by the group of girls that hate her. Her kidnappers take her to the old school building due for demolition.

Before Ichiko’s kidnappers could do anything to her, Rindou jumps in and scres them off.

During all the chaos, Ichiko sneaks out of the building. She tries to convince herself to leave Rindou when the old school building suddenly collapses.

Rindou saves the other girls and tells them to get to safety.

While Ichiko is conflicted about whether to save Rindou or not, Momiji appears behind her and gets her to recall why she stopped caring for others.

Flashback about Ichiko and her childhood friend Kurumi agreeing to confess to the same boy.

In the end, the boy chose Ichiko. Kurumi threatens to leave Ichiko if she doesn’t give her the gift that  boy gave her. Afraid of losing friends, Ichiko gives her the pin.

Kurumi shows the pin to the boy and lies about Ichiko rejecting him. Since then, the boy has been shunning Ichiko.

Momiji knocks Ichiko back into her senses with a German Suplex. She extracts some of Ichiko’s fortune and lets her decide what to do with it.

Ichiko gets into the collapsing building with the help of her Fortune manifestations and gets Rindou to drink from the Fortune container.

With their Fortune, Ichiko and Rindou destroy the debris trapping them inside.

Rindou asks why Ichiko’s been distant with everybody. She confesses to have borrowed Momiji’s device. Surprisingly, Ichiko lets Rindou look into her.

Rindou sees Ichiko’s experience with Kurumi betraying her. She also sees how Ichiko put on the Mean Girl act to get back at Kurumi and ensure no one can get close to her and betray her again.

Rindou puts her hand on Ichiko’s shoulder and promises to never abandon her.

Ichiko hesitates to accept Rindou’s promise but Rindou persists. In the end, Ichiko lets her make that promise and cries on Rindou’s shoulder.

The next day, the two (and Momiji) exchange the right to refer to each other by their first names (a big deal in Japanese tradition).


This wasn’t one of their better episodes honestly. Oh no, this wasn’t boring at all. It just felt weird. It didn’t feel right. It was like eating a plate of funky-tasting spaghetti and then wondering if the sauce already went bad. Let’s see…I’d say this episode didn’t meet up with the standards of Binbougami Ga’s comedy. A pretty big bulk of the time for this episode was spent on Ichiko’s flashback and the final scene with Ichiko and Rindou at sunset. There’s also been a recent lack of Bobby and Moumou in recent episodes. And Suwano I guess but he seems to be more of a plot tool that has already served its purpose. Bobby and Momou on the other hand have skits that I actually enjoy and they cause a good chunk of fanservice when they’re around. I’m guessing this show had to cut down on all of that so Rindou can debut as a believable character instead of some minor character given 15 minutes of fame like Keita. Oh and about Rindou, she sounds a lot manlier in this episode for some reason. It kinda suits her character but I can’t imagine her sounding like that if and when she becomes a girly girl again. Now I know I’ve always complained about how the drama in this show is so forced and out-of-place, but today’s episode was different. During the scene of Ichiko recalling her troubled past and crying about it, her emotions felt sincere. It was good acting. The problem was the lack of atmospheric compliment. The music, the visuals did NOTHING to set the mood. Back when I was still blogging about Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, I kept praising how the presentation and music helped set the scenes of the show. That was that show’s major strength and it’s something lacking in this show. I realized this at this episode but strangely enough, the last scene with Rindou and Ichiko was an exception to Binbougami Ga’s usually terrible dramatic presentation. The sun was setting, the music was soft and slow. Ichiko kept opposing Rindou about her promise but with each retort, her voice gets shakier and shakier. Now THAT was good presentation. The sunset, the music, the change in voice tone all blended together to make Binbougami Ga’s most emotional scene. I actually cried a little. Partly because I was touched by the ending and partly because in my head, I was going “Yes! Binbougami Ga! finally did a dramatic scene right!”

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