Tari Tari 8 – Horse Parking

I’m sure the school regulations don’t say anything against horse parking. Then again, they probably thought they didn’t need to.


Sawa is taken to the hospital. She is told not to participate in any strainuous activity while she’s recovering.

On the ride home, Sawa’s yet-to-be-named-father, tells her that she’s forced to quit the mounted archery tournament since the tournament heads don’t want top be held liable if a minor gets hurt.

Sawa explains that she’s been skipping meals in order to lose weight since the equestrian school she wants to go to has a weight limit. (Well, there goes my “be-a-part-time-model-to-earn-cash” speculations out the window)

At school, Konatsu’s clubroom get occupied by another club. Boy-hair tells them that all the music rooms are being reserved for those practicing for the White Festival.
Headband tells them they could go practice in the bike parking area. Man, if Headband wasn’t pretty…She’s that one stuck-up b*tch every high school seems to have.

Sawa snaps at Boy-hair and Headband after they call their hard work “playing around”. She tells the two they’d be nothing without the vice-principal spoon-feeding them.

The group think of other places they can practice. Wein suggests his home since he has a piano there.

They get to Wein’s place by train and everyone else just stares at awe at how big Wein’s wein house is.

Wein loses his cool for a second and shouts at Konatsu to stop playing with his action figures.

The group finds out that the piano in Wein’s house is untuned. Sawa tries to leave early but Konatsu stops.

Sawa explains her problems to the others.

Wakana advises Sawa “to take a step back” (which is what Sawa’s father also told her). Reminded of her father, Sawa gets offended and leaves.

Sawa doesn’t come to school the next day. Wakana and Konatsu get told by the vice-principal that their request to use the main stage has been denied.

Wakana tries to convince the vice-principal that they’ve improved. She talks about how music is best when friends are involved. These words get the VP to remember Wakana’s mother who said the same thing. In the end, the VP reconsiders but tells the club that they have to audition to prove themselves.

Konatsu tries calling Sawa but she doesn’t answer.

Sawa receives an apologetic letter from Wakana.

Outside of her room, Sawa hears her father arguing with the people at the equestrian university. He’s trying to convince them to give his daughter another chance. Screw weight limits!

Sawa returns to her room and gets another message from Konatsu.

This time its a voice message with all the club members singing to motivate her to come to the auditions.

With little time left, Sawa takes Sabure to get to school.

The group starts panicking as their turn to perform draws closer. Wein tries to pull of the fire alarm while Wakana distracts the VP by calling her.

After riding through the town, getting the attention of everyone she passes by, Sawa arrives at the stage in the nick of time.

Sawa exchanges high fives as the choir group start to perform.


I’m glad to say this was a satisfying ending to Sawa’s arc. Things come around as everything is explained. Turns out, Sawa needed to lose weight to get into an equestrian school. I didn’t even know they had weight limits for that. I thought Sawa was looking to get a modeling job to earn money to pay for things her father wouldn’t approve of, like her horse riding interest. I dunno. She was starving herself and I (and I believe many other people) associate self-starvation to aspiring models. Now that I think about it, modeling wouldn’t have worked out. I mean, Sawa’s got pretty big boo-*is punched* Anyway, once again, the show took some time off Sawa to focus on other things. I’m not gonna complain this time. I’m glad the show didn’t take too long to focus on Sawa moping and being depressed. Now compared to Wakana’s arc, Sawa’s was less conclusive but more memorable. Less conclusive since Sawa didn’t really make-up with her father and several things were left hanging like whether or not Sawa will be accepted into her desired college and whether or not Konatsu’s club got through the auditions. More memorable since, come on, it’s a high school girl riding through town on a horse. That’s the stuff that headlines local newspapers. Wakana just cried. Ahahaha, I’m downplaying Wakana’s arc as if was terrible. To be honest, I liked Wakana’s arc more than Sawa’s. There was just so much to it. Sawa’s arc was also good but it lacked that tear-jerking moment. Well, next up is Weiner’s arc then I’m predicting Taichi’s arc and finally Konatsu’s arc. With around two episodes each, the show would end with 12 or so episodes. Shame really, I’m loving this show and I wish it would reach more than 20 episodes like Hanasaku Iroha.

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