Binbougami Ga! 7 – Pink Hair Is Not for Everybody

Though I do like the character.


Cops arrest Ichiko thinking she stole something when a stranger confronts them.

Ichiko takes advantage of the situation and tells the cops that the other girl forced her to.

The girl reappears as a transfer student in Ichiko and Momiji’s class. She is Rindou, only daughter of a martial arts master.

She recognizes Ichiko and comes close to confronting her when Ichiko’s fanboys block her path.

With the help of Momiji, Rindou finds Ichiko’s home and tries to jump at her. Fortunately for Ichiko, one of her shirt’s buttons pops out; she bends over to get it and Rindou misses and goes out the window.

Rindou vows to get her revenge.

She challenges Ichiko to a one-on-one fight at school. Momiji and Keita jump at the opportunity to make money.

Rindou goes for the Inazuma kick but misses and gets her foot stuck on the ground.

Ichiko applies the armbar ala Del Rio and makes Rindou tap.

Keita helps Rindou up and encourages her to keep fighting (so he could make more money). Rindou…falls inlove?!

As agreed before their fight. The loser, Rindou, leaves the school.

Except she just re-enrolls the next day.

On her way home one day, Rindou daydreams about herself and Keita walking and holding hands.

Momiji and Ichiko catch her and tell her she needs to be more girly.

Ichiko and Momiji offer to help Rindou, of course they have ulterior motives.

Cue shopping and make over montage.

And here’s the result!

Rindou explains that she probably can’t go home looking all girly. She brings up her childhood of being raised as a boy by her dad.

On her way home, Rindou gets caught by her dad while still in girl mode.

Rindou goes to school the next day back in her delinquent attire and a patch on her face.

Ichiko and Momiji check up on Rindou at her house and witness Rindou’s father ripping up her clothes.

Ichiko snaps, busts in and challenges Rindou’s father.

Rindou’s father goes for the Inazuma kick too.

Unfortunately, he gets blinded mid-kick and crashes to the ground for Ichiko to apply the armbar again.

Rindou’s father counters, Ichiko get up and throws and throws a punch at him. Rindou stops her telling Ichiko that her dad might be an irritating adult, but he’s still her dad.

On the way to school the next day, Rindou’s dad tells her that she made a good friend in Ichiko. Rindou blushes and smiles and walks off.

At school, Rindou apologizes to Ichiko for getting her involved. Ichiko just does the ojou-sama laugh as since she’s not at fault apparently. With that, the show ends without someone getting blasted out of Ichiko’s house.


Well, this was a decent episode, one of the best ones even. I dunno, there’s something about Rindou that makes me like her. Maybe it’s because she’s a lot more of a serious character than Bobby and Momou but at the same time, she’s a lot more interesting than Keita. I’m pretty okay with her character design except for one thing: Her pink hair. It just stands out too much even for this weirdo show. It looks fine when she’s in girl mode but not in her big bad Banchou mode! What’s even worse is that her father has the same hair color! There’s nothing manly about pink hair. I’m sticking with my claim unless someone can prove it otherwise. Anyway, the show brought its usual brand of comedy. Lot’s of screaming (especially with another girl added), exaggerated facial expressions, parodies of other anime and Momiji being thrown around like garbage. Poor girl…but I did laugh at those scenes so…yeah. The “drama” of this show didn’t take so much time. It wasn’t so short that it didn’t matter. It went on long enough to give this show purpose. Well, don’t wanna make this post too long. I’m sure you get the point. Good episode. And Nadeshiko is back too.

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