Tari Tari 7 – The Sawa Episode

Halfway in, this series is easily becoming one of the best drama anime I’ve watched


Wakana officially joins the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club and participates in club activities such as vocal practice.

Konatsu tells the club to start thinking up ideas for the White Festival. Wein asks what the white festival is. The girls take advantage of Wein’s obliviousness and tell him it’s a festival where the school lets out the white rhino living under the gym and the school celebrates.

Meanwhile, Sawa’s dad receives the mail and gets something to frown at.

Konatsu and the others decide to stage a musical performance for the White Festival. Girls from the other choir club intrude in Konatsu’s club’s activities to pick up some materials. One of the girls mockingly congratulate Konatsu for finding other people to goof around with. If you’ll notice, the girl in the middle was the pianist from episode 1. She maintains a friendly disposition to Konatsu in contrast to her colleagues.

After club activities, Konatsu heads to the student council room, Sawa goes to archery practice, Taichi leaves for cram school. Wakana and Wein are left. Wakana admits that she really doesn’t have anything planned for the future yet. Wein remarks that it’s something they both have in common.

In the student council room, Konatsu asks her brother Makoto for a permission form to use the main stage as a venue for their performance. Makoto reminds his sister that there are bigger and more important clubs requesting to use the stage.

After practice, Sawa tells her horse Saburo that she’ll one day move to college and they won’t see each other again.

Sawa is confronted by her dad who asks about the mounted archery she joined. He tells her that her hobby won’t make her a living. He reminds her that everything she has was a product of his honest work.

Sawa starts stripping and telling her dad to take back what he worked for then. Shiho steps in before things get sexy bad.

She both defends Sawa by giving her back her mail, and warns her that the world of winning and losing isn’t a nice one. By the way, Sawa never got past her uniform buttons. She didn’t go full nude or anything unfortunately.

At night, Wein writes to his friend Yang. He tells her about how his friends are preparing and working hard for the future while he’s there lost. He decides to writes about something less depressing and writes about the white rhino under his school gym.

Wakana wakes up late for school. Before she leaves her father gives her tickets to a musical and a lunch he made himself.

To Wakana’s surpise and embarrassment, her dad put a heart in her bento.

Konatsu and Sawa join Wakana for lunch. Konatsu notices that Sawa is eating really light.

Wakana tells the others about the musical. Konatsu gets excited while Sawa seems to be thinking about other things.

Sawa ends up not eating at all and leaves the table and her food with  Konatsu.

The principal gets a visit from the vice-principal who’s looking to discuss about the use of the main stage. The principal tells her to handle it herself when he gets another visitor, the chairman.

The chairman talks to the principal about more pressing matters, matters which I failed to pay attention to unfortunately…My bad.

Sawa excuses herself from dinner without eating much.

She checks herself on the weighing scale.

She ends up sleeping with an empty stomach.

At school, Sawa collapses during club activities.

She leaves the club early. Konatsu and Wakana get suspicious and follow her. Konatsu finds Sawa talking on the phone.

The girls meet up to watch the musical. Konatsu tells Wakana that Sawa might be in love which explains her dieting and phone call.

Sawa spends the whole musical spaced out and uninterested.

Sawa excuses herself after the play to attend to her mounted archery training.

Wakana and Konatsu check out a bookstore. Wakana buys a book about musical composition and tells Konatsu about the unfinished song her mom left her.

Meanwhile, Sawa continues to unfocused even during practice.

She slips from her mount and hits the ground.

Last scene of Sawa unconscious while her trainers call for help.


Well, that was a really looong summary. This episode went all over the place and I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a strong one. Despite my obvious crush on Sawa (a feeling which I seem to share with other male Tari Tari fans), I feel that her episode wasn’t as focused on her as Wakana’s episode was focused on Wakana. While her dilemma is going on, there’s a bit of Wein moments, some club related scenes and that short scene about the principal. Now, these didn’t totally distract all the attention from Sawa, and I know it’s important for the show to move on with other things as well, but I feel they disrupted the flow of the story. To the show’s credit, the latter half got it right and put the spotlight on Sawa. What I like about this story arc is that Sawa’s problems aren’t all instantly revealed unlike Wakana’s. We, the viewers know about her problems with her father and love for mounted archery, but we don’t know exactly why she’s starving herself or who she was talking to on the phone. I don’t think it was her dad if you ask me. She mentioned something about “meeting in person”. Now this is what makes this story juicy. We can only speculate. My gut tells me it’s a modeling agent. Negotiating with a modeling agent without actually meeting him? That’s shady Sawa. Now all of this just makes me want to see the next episode. This is a cliffhanger done right! Now on to the bad points. Now, you might be telling me “WRITER-SAN! They made Sawa unbutton her shirt! Fanservice! Fanservice! This show has sold out!” Well, let me just point out that 1) Sawa was baring more skin in her bikini, but that wasn’t fanservice because the maker’s didn’t exploit it and 2) It helped build the tension of the scene. I’ll admit I felt my heart beating faster after Sawa loosened her tie. I was curious and excited to see how for the scene would go. Unfortunately and thankfully it didn’t go anywhere too perverted. This show is still maintaining a good level of respectability. I’d like to end this long review by just commenting on how this show would make a great live action drama. If you ask me, an anime’s story can be called great if it can be pulled off in other forms of media. It means it has very universal themes.

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