Sword Art Online 6 – There Was After-Credits Art?!

My blood is nosing.


Kirito spots Yoruko’s assassin and gives chase.

The guy teleports out of town before Kirito could catch him though.

Kirito and Asuna continue to discuss the case over Asuna’s home-made sandwiches.

Kirito drops his sandwich after making an inappropriate remark about selling Asuna’s sandwiches.

Kirito suddenly realizes something after watching his sandwich disintigrate (I thought he was just really sad about it).

Meanwhile, Schmitt visits Griselda’s grave only to be ambushed by two mysterious figures which he thinks are Griselda and Grimrock’s ghosts.

He confesses to meddling with the guild’s plans but he never murdered Griselda. Turns out the hooded figures were Kains and Yoruko.

Kirito explains that the two weren’t murdered. They just teleported away while their armor disintegrated due to having a weapon stuck on them. That effect gave the illusion of them getting PK’d.

Kirito tells Asuna to check Yoruko’s location on her friends list. Turns out it was spelled Yolko. Damn Engrish.

Suddenly, the group at Griselda’s grave get ambushed by a PK guild.

But here comes Kirito to save the day!

Some time earlier, Asuna and Kirito were talking about marriage and sharing storage as a couple. From this, Kirito figures out Griselda’s murderer.

He explains that Grimrock must have murdered Griselda so all her items including the rare item would be his.

Asuna brings in Grimrock, having him at sword point, to explain himself.

He says that he and Griselda were married in real life. Back then, they were the perfect couple and never argued, but when they got trapped in Sword Art Online, Griselda started to change.

Grimrock goes on saying he had to end her before she became completely different from the woman he loved. Asuna coldly tells him that what he felt wasn’t love, it was a feeling of possession. Grimrock suddenly collapses on his knees.

Kains and Schmitt pick up their distraught friend while Yolko thanks Asuna and Kirito as her group leaves together.

Just before leaving, Asuna and Kirito spot Griselda’s ghost(?) looking at them.

The sun rises and a new day begins as Asuna and Kirito go back to the front lines and consider putting each other in their friend lists.


Hey, I just saw Brave yesterday. I’d just like to take two sentences to say that it was a good-looking movie but the story was kinda underwhelming. Anyway, right now I could say the same thing for Sword Art Online. I’m just not feeling it. So for today’s episode, Kirito and Asuna wrap up their little murder mystery. The whole episode was doing fine but something about the ending bothered me. Asuna just says one little thing and suddenly Grimrock is so shocked he gets on his knees and starts shaking. Then Yolko’s guild take their murderer of a friend by the shoulder and walk off with him. Kirito and Asuna turn around and see Griselda’s ghost. They’re shocked for about a second and then suddenly move on to talking about friend requests. Ugh. That was just a terribly written conclusion. Asuna’s words to Grimrock has no impact at all but he reacted like a 4-year-old after being told that Santa’s not real. Then Asuna saw a ghost and was all shocked then she just shrugged it off to flirt with Kirito. Did she realize that she just witnessed some in-game anomaly? Production was fine, great even. The animation was good, the music was good. They all set the mood for a happy ending, but it’s the way things went that just made it so bad! Okay, I’m gonna give that up until the ending, I was impressed by the writing. The whole revelation part of their detective story was really good. I couldn’t predict how this was going to end. I had an idea that Grimrock would have been the killer, but I wouldn’t have guessed that Kains and Yolko would have still been alive. One last good thing about this episode, basically no fanservice (at least not until the after-credits). The story was pretty much told straight up with little distractions. So with this little murder mystery arc done, I’ll expect something new from Sword Art Online. Problem is I don’t know what to expect. Damn obscure next episode previews!

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2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 6 – There Was After-Credits Art?!

  1. Driveby Spammer

    Have to agree, the weakest part of this episode was Grimrock’s reaction to Asuna’s words. Was weird how Asuna did a 180 after seeing the ghost, but I assumed she took that as some sign of approval/encouragement (from the ghost of a complete stranger who has lousy taste in men, no less) regarding Kirito’s response to her question.

    That being said, between Griselda’s ghost and what looks like a long-haired Sachi in the opening credits, I suspect nobody’s actually getting their brains fried. Maybe they’re getting put in spectator mode instead.


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