Binbougami Ga! 6 – Rage Face



Taro totes doesn’t give a brief recap of last episode’s events </sarcasm>

Michiko escapes Momiji’s grasp when a wild bear ambushes them.

Keita fell on a cliff and hurt himself into unconsciousness.

Keita’s siblings start getting worried and all cry.

Michiko runs off to find Keita. She uses her dog whistle to summon Momou, who comes out of the whistle to Michiko’s surprise.

While looking for Keita, Michiko realizes that, while she has a great life going for her, she doesn’t have the family Keita has.

Michiko and Momou find Keita at last.

Michiko checks up on Keita when Momiji appears behind her and injects her needle.

She leaves the Fortune vial with Michiko so Keita could get healed.

Michiko breaks the vial and Keita recovers.

Keita returns to the rest of his family who are more than relieved to see him.

Bobby and Momou run into Taro and force him to give something that would turn Ichiko back to normal.

Momou reports to Michiko and she leaves Keita’s house later that night.

She turns back to normal, but Bobby and Momou notice she lost her usual attitude.

This goes on for some time. Momiji and the gang devise ways to get Ichiko back to normal.

Bobby tries groping Ichiko’s breasts; Momou tries doggy BDSM. Both fail miserably and become stars in the sky.

Even Momiji’s boss Yamabuki helps…though I’m not sure how impersonating Momiji will help bring Ichiko back to normal…

Apparently, what’s been bothering Ichiko all this time was the handkerchief Keita gave her.

Speak of the devil…

Ichiko gets flustered remembering that one time Keita…

Ichiko returns Keita’s hankey while pulling off her arrogant girl act.

After that, she’s overfilled with joy as she skips merrily on her way home.

There she finds her unwanted roommates have trashed the place. Is Bobby naked?!

Ichiko blows the roof off her apartment again. The End.


Well, it’s back to the ol’ grind with Binbougami Ga! I know I’m not supposed to expect any literary masterpiece from a show like this but….could they at least not make all the “emotional” scenes so cringe worthy? There have been comedy shows that can pull off good drama. They may be laughter inducing 90% of the time but when they want to make a character sad and make the viewer relate to that character and be sad with them, they pull it off. Now, Binbougami Ga, it’s problem is that it uses really cheezy tactics. Note how I spelled cheezy. It’s that bad. The scenarios, the set up, the atmosphere…It’s all so cliched! I think this show would be better off without so much personal dilemma and focus more on Ichiko and Momiji’s ongoing battle for Ichiko’s Fortune. What this show tries to do is show Ichiko grow as a person while undergoing such torture courtesy of Momiji. I give the writers credit for wanting some character development, but they really are better off focusing on comedy. Speaking of the comedy, I’d love to see a spinoff episode of just Bobby and Momou’s antics. That’s a 20 minutes worth spending right there. Judging by the next episode preview, I don’t have to be subject to more of Keita’s personal-problems-inducing presence. I know I said I wanted this show to utilize its characters fairly. They’re doing a good job of providing Bobby and Momou time but every time I see Keita, I’m so tempted to stop watching. He’s just not entertaining nor is he a character with a detailed personality. He’s just a plot tool used to force out Ichiko’s inner problems. He’s not even handsome. Anyway, next episode seems to introduce a Banchou girl. If it means less Keita, I can’t wait! Also, no Nadeshiko today. I’m talking about her post-episode segment. Freakin’ producers had to cut her off. Now I have to find her in the episode myself. Ugh, what a drag!

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