Shining Hearts’ Kaguya by Kotobukiya

I couldn’t think of a creative title, but let’s get on with the figure review!I honestly know next to nothing about Kaguya. All that mattered when I saw her was that she was a character designed by Tony Taka, and her price was reasonable.

Okay, a quick look at good ol’ Wikipedia shows that she’s a character from the video game-turned-anime Shining Hearts. She’s described as a mysterious girl who lost her memories and emotions. Well, that captivating gaze of hers kinda compliments that description.

As usual for a Shining Hearts figure done by Kotobukiya, her details are well done. The flow of her hair, her facial expression, the folds in her clothes and the design of her armbands and bracelets all have impressive detail. The weakest point to this figure detail-wise has probably got to be the ribbons spiraling her hair. It seems like kind of a rushed job and doesn’t match the quality of other parts of the figure.

Her pose has elegance to it. How her hair and clothes flow gives the impression of a gentle breeze blowing on her.

A closer look at her body. The red ribbon she wears on her chest grabs attention and kind of draws it away from her bare midriff. She’s actually quite scantily clad.

Her one bare leg adds some sex appeal to her, but maybe not enough to anger overly conservative moms.

Side view shows how her curtain-like dress flows.

Rear view. Not much to say about it so I’m just gonna comment on how her base isn’t all too appealing. It’s the same base Kotobukiya used for Melty.

And another big, red ribbon on her.

One of Kaguya’s features is that her upper body is detachable.

Why would you want to do that? Because you want to remove her skirt and reveal her pantsu of course!

What a perverted feature…I find it weird that she’s wearing the classic anime panties, the one with the little ribbon on it. You’d think that she’d be wearing something that would compliment her gypsy-like design better.

Now it looks like she’s wearing a nightgown and is getting ready to sleep, or you know, have se-*struck by divine lightning*

Couldn’t resist. The pervertedness is strong in me.

Now, she’s supposed to be a 1/8 scale figure, but she’s moderately taller than my other 1/8 scales. Here’s a size comparison with Melty.

Given, Melty is a loli witch with a delicious flat chest so naturally, she’d be short. Still, Kaguya looks much taller when put side-by-side. I’m estimating Melty would be about 5 feet tall in real life. Going by their height comparison in figure form, Kaguya would be 6 feet tall!

So final thoughts: Another great figure made by Kotobukiya. You just can’t go wrong with a character designed by Tony Taka! The figure has impressive details, and a beautiful pose going for it. Plus the castoffable skirt is a pleasant treat for the green minded. On the other hand, the base is nothing to admire and detaching and attaching her upper body can be a frustrating task. The stub on her lower body is a bit too big and doesn’t insert perfectly into the hole in her upper body. To fix this, I suggest getting some sandpaper and sand the sides of the stub until it fits better. About 15 strokes on each side would do. Also, her skirt may leave off some paint on the skin around her waist. Rubbing those spots with a piece of cotton slightly wetted with Acetone should remove the paint. She doesn’t really have any major flaws on her. These little things could be easily fixed. Anyway, that’s about it for this review. Like this blog on Facebook if you’re interested in more of this blog’s content. If you’re into figures (Which you probably are since you read this review), you’ll get to see my figure photos outside of these figure review photoshoots!

Yes, I left Kaguya without her skirt even after the photoshoot. Oh perverted me!

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