Tari Tari 6 – Toasting Bread

You’re doing it wrong.


Wakana’s dad rushes back home to check up on her after hearing that Wakana caught a cold.

Konatsu “sneaks in” to Wakana’s house to visit her and eat cake.

She finds Wakana standing on the edge of the shore. She panics thinking Wakana’s about to jump. Konatsu drops her cake and rushes towards Wakana.

Turns out Wakana wasn’t being suicidal after all and the surprise causes Konatsu to fall into a puddle.

Konatsu borrows clothes from Wakana and gives her the now-ruined cake.

She comments on how the Tatami flooring in the room reminds her of her days with her grandpa. She says her grandpa never fulfilled his promise of taking her to a Condor Queens concert.

Wakana expresses her belief that promises should never go unfulfilled. Konatsu tells her that she thinks that unfulfilled promises help keep the promise maker in the thoughts of the ones they made promises to. Wakana starts to remember the time her mom promised her they would make Wakana’s song together.

Konatsu leaves later on and Wakana gets a message from Sawa telling he that Shiho has something prepared for her.

Wakana catches Sawa and her father exchange cold looks as Sawa’s father leaves the house.

Shiho gives Wakana a photo of the choir club her mom was in as well as a cassette of the choir singing.

Sawa gets Wakana to try horseback riding as she tells her about the upcoming mounted archery competition she’s going to participate in. Sawa adds that her dad doesn’t approve of her career choice of equestrianism.

The next day, Wakana leaves early for school but lets her dad know she left breakfast for him in the fridge. Cue awkward bread-in-microwave scene.

In the club room, Taichi and Wein are practicing odd vocal practice methods.

Wakana walks in and this is her reaction…IN GIF FORM 😀

She tells the boys about a tip her mom told her when she was young: Sing like you want to tell someone you love who is far way that you’re doing fine. Sing with emotion.

On the way home, Wakana gets a call from her homeroom teacher inviting her to see her newly born baby.

Yeah, I can’t resist making faces like this when I see a cute baby…

Wakana gets home and finds her dad prepared a feast of a dinner. Her dad did it to show her what a real meal looks like, not some bread in the microwave. Wakana then remembers that it’s her parents’ anniversary.

In the middle of dinner, Wakana asks why her mom never told her she was sickly.

Her dad recalls the conversation they had. Wakana’s mom didn’t want her to get depressed during her exams. She also doesn’t want sadness to influence the song Wakana would one day make.

Wakana rushes to her room and starts crying. Her dad follows behind her and brings the draft her mother wrote for Wakana’s own song.

He also hands Wakana her keepsake and tells her that her mother’s piano is still with them, much to Wakana’s relief.

Wakana’s dad resumes his dinner and leaves Wakana alone. Wakana looks at the song her mother wrote for her and starts crying by herself.

The next day, Wakana plays the cassette Shiho gave her and the rest of the club come and join in on the singing to close off the show.


Another solid episode and by far the strongest in terms of drama. The drama in this show isn’t something social. By that I mean the drama isn’t caused by a conflict between two or more people. The drama this show deals with internal conflict, Wakana’s memories and regrets. It was quite obvious right from the start that Wakana was going to be the kind of character with a troubled past. She’s the typical members of the group who prefers to distance herself from others. At least, that’s how she was like at the start. This episode really shows how much Wakana’s grown. You get to see her interact with Konatsu and Sawa in a friendlier way than previous interactions. She even talks to the two boys quite casually in this episode. It’s a satisfying character development. While Wakana’s relationship with the rest of the cast blossomed, so did her inner state of being. I quite understand how she feels with losing her mother before they could fulfill their promise of making a song together. I love how this show takes a usually depressing concept and shines an optimistic light on it with Konatsu saying broken promises helps one remember the promise maker. Aside from this episode capping off quite the dramatic arc, it also gave a hint of what was to come next. That brief scene with Sawa and her father having a short staredown gives me the message that the next few episodes will be about Sawa, and if you’ve been reading my previous Tari Tari posts, you’d know I’m absolutely in love with Sawa.

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