Otaku Expo 2012 + Thoughts on Going on a Convention Hiatus

Okay pretty controversial title (despite the fact I lack an appropriate amount of followers to talk about said controversy). As I mention in a previous post. I went to Otaku Expo 2012 which was on August 4 and 5. I was so excited. I haven’t gone to a convention since VocaFusion back in May. Okay, so less than 3 months doesn’t seem like all that much time to go crying about, but for someone like me, someone who needs his convention fix and gets it when he can, 3 months is depressing. Well, I went to Otaku Expo. I arrived at about 1:00 P.M. I got that familiar atmosphere of anime music being blasted on speakers around the hall, of posters and banners displaying attractive anime characters and merchandise, and of sweaty Otakus. I took it all in, even the sweat. I got to doing what I usually do: Take pics of the figure display, pics of cosplayers, went around looking at all the merchandise, occasionally watch whatever was happening on stage (usually a singing contest), and then it hit me. I call these “things I usually do”. It became something customary, something traditional. There was a sense of obligation attached to going to conventions! Was it because I’m a blogger? An Otaku? What was the point of going to these things when all of this started to feel more like work than interest? What’s the point of going to the same damn convention, with the same damn events, with the same damn merchandise stalls and on the same damn location every year? It’s deja vu! Why, the only thing different each year are the cosplayers and the figure display line-up but I have to ask myself: Are those two things really enough to convince me to go to a convention? I think I lost my passion for conventions. I’ve been going to so many that I’ve become fed up with it. When 3 months isn’t enough to refresh my interest in going to conventions, then I figure I’m gonna have to take a longer break. So, nothing’s been decided yet, but I feel that after Cosplay Mania on September, I should take a long hiatus. A hiatus, mind you, not a retirement. I’ll come back, but not any time soon, for my own good.

Anyway, I will not disappoint. I promised pics of the convention so here they are!

Whoops! Almost forgot to plug the Facebook page!

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