Binbougami Ga! 5 – 9001

Wait. Doesn’t this mean Momiji is technically topless in that parody? Wow, fanservice.


Momiji gets a package from her turtle friend in the middle of classes.

Ichiko finds a package for Momiji at her doorstep.

Being the inconsiderate roommate that she is, Ichiko opens up the package only for a big puff of smoke to come out.

It was a trap by Momiji. The smoke is supposed to turn her into an old lady which would make sucking the Fortune out of her much easier.

But, due to Ichiko’s incredible luck, and for the sake of loli fanservice, she turns into a little girl instead.

Ichiko takes advantage of Momiji’s confusion (and despair at the fact that her chest is just as flat as a child’s) and runs away.

Ichiko is found by a group of girls playing at the park

The girl introduces herself as Mika. Ichiko remembers her as one of Keita’s siblings.

Ichiko introduces herself as “Michiko” (What) and plays with the other girls in order to blend in and hide from Momiji.

“Michiko” asks if she could stay in Mika’s house for the night.

Along the way to Mika’s house, Ichiko comes across Bobby and Momou doing perverted things.

Ichiko convinces them (by putting them in submission holds, much to Momou’s arousal) that it’s her and tells them she’ll do anything for them if they find a way to turn her back to normal. Bobby and Momou only get really perverted thoughts and go out in search of a solution with a fire in their hearts (and in their pants).

Ichiko gets reintroduced to Mika’s family.

Keita sees Ichiko and thinks that she’s a lost daughter of a rich family and he’ll get a fat reward if he turns her in.

Momiji figures out Ichiko would be hiding in Keita’s house and true enough, she finds her there.

Keita’s siblings go on a picnic and bring Ichiko along.

Ichiko gets mad at Keita for treating her like a child after she got hit by a stray frisbee.

Ichiko runs away and stops at a forest to catch her breath and ask herself why she’s getting so worked up.

Momiji springs out of the ground and captures Ichiko.

The sun’s setting and Keita’s out looking for Ichiko.

He finds Ichiko’s shoe and gets worried that she might have fallen off a cliff.

Somehow, he ends up falling off a cliff for a quite literal cliffhanger ending.


This episode was certainly different. And yet, it was also pretty much the same. Err, to make things more clear, it was different since this episode didn’t have the usual Ichiko, but at the same time loli Ichiko continues to act like regular Ichiko which makes the show its usual Binbougami Ga! self. I guess what makes this episode different is that it’s not using the same kind of fanservice that it usually uses. I mean, with Ichiko turned into a kid, all the boob jokes have been thrown out the window. Instead, it’s replaced by the typical loli fanservice. Big, shiny, puppy dog eyes that could make the a pedo out of anyone. I’d like to believe that this sensation stems from paternal instinct. Yep, the main reason I’m falling for loli Ichiko is because my daddy senses are telling me to help this poor little child that reminds me of my daughter. It’s daddy instincts right? RIGHT? Wait a minute. I don’t have a daughter. I’m not even a dad! Anyway, aside from loli Ichiko, this episode was the usual Binbougami Ga! episode. People who have been enjoying the series will enjoy this episode as well. In that sense, people who haven’t found this show entertaining might as well skip this episode too. Oh, but I guess the fact that this episode ended with a cliffhanger ending means that the series is starting to move into bigger things.

As usual, I’m going to shamelessly plug Sunny Side’s Facebook page and you, the reader, are going to absolutely ignore this line. Thank you.

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