State of the Blog Adress (August 1, 2012)

After about a month since the last SOBA, here I am with a new one!

So what’s the news? Firstly, some blog related stuff: Sunny Side Anime Blog has its first link exchange! Go check out Cosplay Gallery. It’s quite a new site with quite a bold tagline. Hopefully, visitors of that site see the blogroll with my blog listed under it and check Sunny Side out!.

Muhuhuhuhu! Let me just add that the number of people who viewed my blog last month was nearly seven times the number of people who viewed my blog around the time I started in April! Seven times!

N-E-way….On to more personal stuff, I’ll be going to Otaku Expo 2012 which is on August 4 – 5, SM Megamall. Sorry, foreigners. That’s in the Philippines. It’s not anything to be jealous about anyway. AFA in Singapore and AX in USA are much bigger conventions. I’m making it my goal to go to a big convention in another country as part of my Otaku pilgrimage.

Once again, I’ll be lending a few of my figures to the figure display put up by Team Oniichan. Always a pleasure working with them. This time around, I’ll be lending Melty and Hayane from the Shining Hearts series, as well as Pastel Ink from Moetan. You might want to check out my figure reviews on those three.

Anyway, I got a little excited and did a little photoshoot of the three while boxing them. It’s nothing impressive but here ya go!

Well, that’s it for now. BUT! Expect a bigger gallery next time when I actually get to the convention. Heck, I might even have photos from the display set up the day before so stay tuned! And dammit people, Like the Facebook page already! It won’t kill you!

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