Tari Tari 5 – Flashbacks, Memories, Regrets…

And Tai and Wein doing weird poses.


Tai’s entered a regional tournament and the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club is there to cheer him on.

While Wein and Konatsu do some brash cheering, Sawa takes a more personal approach of motivating Taichi.

She shares her own goal of becoming a jockey and winning races.

Wakana doesn’t feel too well and leaves early.

Taichi ends up ranking in the top eight but needed to be in the top four to qualify for the national tournament. Sawa cheers him up and he shares how he started playing badminton since third grade.

While on their way home, Konatsu asks Sawa if she thinks something’s off with Wakana.

Wakana runs into Shiho at the beach one day.

Shiho takes her to her home and shows her a picture of the choir club during her days.

She points out that she, Wakana’s mother, and the current vice principal were in the choir club at the same time.

Wakana gets home and sort of catches her father off guard, causing him to spill his coffee. This incident reminds Wakana of a time she visited her mom in the hospital and the same thing happened with her dad.

She remembers getting mad at her mom for working too much on music.

Wakana goes to her room, sees her piano and remembers how she yelled at her mom for prioritizing teaching Wakana music rather than helping her with her studies and her tests.

During dinner, Wakana asks her dad if she could get rid of the piano in her room as well as some other old stuff. Her dad gets surprised but agrees to it anyway.

As Wakana leaves for school the next day, she remembers the little keychain her mother gave her when she was a child.

She leaves the keychain on the piano and heads out for school.

During her remedial classes, Wein invites her to celebrate Taichi’s recent efforts with the club. She turns down her offer so she could do some shopping and get home before the rain starts.

At home, she finds her room to be emptied out.

She looks for around for her cat and finds its food bowl untouched.

It starts raining and Wakana remembers how her mother went through the rain to give Wakana a charm for luck in her tests but Wakana just scolded her mom to get back in the house before she gets drenched.

Wakana remembers the moment her mother died and her last words about wanting to hear Wakana’s own song with her.

The rain grows stronger as the show ends.


Definitely a slow episode and that definitely made it less interesting than usual for me. It wasn’t the same ol’ happy Tari Tari. There was a lot less slice-of-life antics and a lot more plot relevance. Let’s see…There’s Taichi and Sawa. Ooh boy, doesn’t this pairing seem interesting? It’s nothing obvious yet though. The show just hinted at it with their little scene’s together. Most of the episode was spent on focusing on Wakana’s relationship with her late mother. It’s been getting some focus in previous episodes but this one was dedicated to looking into it. So how did they present it? Flashbacks. Now flashbacks are a common storytelling tool and at times they can come off as cliched and unoriginal but I have to praise this show for doing it in a way such that the story transitions smoothly between the past and the present. Very creative and beautiful way of presenting it. I could really relate to the message of all of these flashbacks. It got me thinking about me and my mother. Man, I just have to praise any work that manages to do that and Tari Tari did it well. So much praise to the show and it’s writers and other staff. Now, I’d like to point out again that this was probably the least entertaining Tari Tari episode. It was in Sankarea level of dullness. What I’d advise to anyone who is about to watch this episode is to not expect a lot of light-hearted scenes that Tari Tari usually has. Expect to be told a mostly serious and definitely thought driven episode with a depressing ending. Also, expect something big for next episode since, you know, it’s raining. Something always happens when it’s raining.

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