Sword Art Online 4 – Tentacle Penis Monster

It’s weird how they only attack girls.


Little Silica leaves her party after getting into an argument with Rosalia.

She gets mobbed by a gang of gorillas because she rustled their jimmies.

Her pet Pina dies protecting her.

Kirito saves Silica (in)conveniently right after Pina died.

He tells Silica about an are in the game where pets can be revived. He also volunteers to help her get there.

When Silica asks why he’d help her he replies with a little embarrassment that she looks like his little sister.

Silica and Kirito run into Silica’s old party while going to town.

Kirito tells Silica about PKs in the game. A player’s crime is indicated by the color of the crystal hovering above them. Criminals have orange and red crystals while innocent people have green crystals.

Silica decides to sleep in her undies after such a tiring day.

That doesn’t last long as Kirito enters her room. She puts something on and listens as Kirito strategizes for tomorrow. Kirito discovers someone eavesdropping on them but fails to catch him.

Kirito and Silica arrive at the area. Silica observes that everyone in the area came as a couple and she gets flustered.

Kirito and Silica go on their way to obtain the item that could revive Pina. They get attacked along the way and all the monsters seem to only go for Silica.

Kirito and Silica finally find the flower they’re looking for.

Rosalia ambushes the two. Kirito reveals that he’s been looking for Rosalia ever since he heard her PK guild.

Silica points out that her crystal is green. Kirito tells her that Rosalia’s tactic is to lure out noobs and have her friends PK them.

Rosalia’s group attack Kirito but the don’t even scratch him. Kirito reveals himself to be the legendary level 78 player who solos at the front lines.

Kirito subdues Rosalia and the others and brings them to prison.

Kirito apologizes for using Silica as bait without her knowing. Silica lets it go since he saved her.

Silica takes out her flower and begins to use it to revive Pina while the episode ends.


What just happened? Suddenly, Kirito’s not a moping, angsty emo boy and this show now has fanservice! Well, Silica is still pretty tame as far as fanservice goes but she’s just so blatantly obvious. She’s the typical “little sister” archetype. Short, helpless, and clingy. Why? Why Sword Art Online? Why did you turn out this way? Actually, it’s not that bad as long as they focus on Silica as a character instead of, you know, jailbait. As for Kirito, it absolutely baffles me. Last episode, he was around level 40, and he was still relatively unknown to the rest of the Sword Art Online community. Now he’s level 78 and is a feared solo player. How much time has passed already? What the hell happened in between? God, this is like .Hack//GU all over again where Haseo starts out a noob and the next time we see him he’s “The Terror of Death”. Well, there isĀ  still a couple of things I have to credit Sword Art Online for. They stick to their “online game” theme. Characters actually change equipment as they level up much like how it works in an actuall online game. Again, this show presents the different kinds of people in an online game with Rosalia and her band of PKs. The show also points out that death in-game means death in real life so PKs are actually murderers. As it stands, my thoughts on this anime are mixed. This show does a great job of presenting the world, its people and their circumstances, but it also has some badly cliched characters like Silica and the show’s own hero, Kirito.

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